Want John McAfee to Tweet About Your ICO? Shell Out $105,000 First

McAfee is one of the largest crypto bulls in the market right now and has over 813,000 followers on Twitter.

Computer scientist turned crypto enthusiast John McAfee has recently revealed how much he charges for endorsing a cryptocurrency to his Twitter followers, and the number blew the collective mind of the entire community. In a detailed article, the McAfee Crypto Team revealed that for a single tweet about a coin or an ICO, McAfee bills $105,000.


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The post by the McAfee Crypto Team noted: “individual tweets, whether created in Mr. McAfee’s voice or by the company whose products we are promoting, cost $105,000 per tweet.”

“Unless there are special circumstances we will do no more than seven tweets per promotion. This ensures that other projects and technologies will have a chance to use our services, since we limit promotional tweets to a max of two per day,” it added.

Lucrative audience

McAfee is one of the largest crypto bulls in the market right now and has over 813,000 followers on Twitter. According to Twitter Audit, 90 percent of his followers are real – an impressive number when compared to the accounts of other public figures.

Based on different polls conducted by McAfee’s Twitter account, 30 percent of his followers engage in cryptocurrency trading once a week while 32 percent of them holds more than 51 percent of their assets in digital form. Moreover, 29 percent of his followers hold crypto assets of more than $20,000.

To a concentrated crowd of this size, it seems fair to charge over $100,000 for a company which is aiming to raise hundreds of millions with an ICO.

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Controversial as well

Throughout the years, John McAfee had endorsed many coins which includes Justin Sun-led Tron, as well as controversial Verge.

In December last year, he announced that he will discuss a new coin every day on his Twitter page. A part of the community responded with anger and accused him of running a pump-and-dump scheme.

Whatever may be the case, the endorsement by a figure like John McAfee clearly makes an impact in the market. Verge, Burst, ReddCoin, and DigiByte – the spikes on all these coins last year coincided with a McAfee Twitter endorsement.

So $105,000 might look very steep to the normal audience, but for blockchain firms trying to get a piece of the market, it might not.

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