Vantage FX Becomes Latest Broker to Go Live with MT5

Vantage FX has strengthened its FX suite with the adoption of MT5.

The industry has continued transitioning towards MetaTrader 5 (MT5) after years of hegemonic utilization by its predecessor, MT4. Vantage FX has become the latest broker to adopt the platform, which has now gone live for clients trading with the Australian brokerage.

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The decision to support MT5 functionality is a nod to the growing market penetration of the platform, which has seen a healthy uptick in use amongst retail brokerages in the past few months – this has in turn been instigated by a push from MetaQuotes itself, having rolled out multiple incentivesupdates, and builds in H1 – Vantage FX is the latest broker to follow suit.

David Bily, Director of Sales and Marketing at Vantage FX, echoed this tone on the group’s MT5 launch: “The natural progression for the retail forex trading community is going to be toward MT5 and as a result, we want to be well positioned early to accommodate our clients’ needs through this shift.”

In terms of Vantage FX, the latest update will see the ASIC-regulated broker implement MT5 across all of its trading functionality. While previously relying solely on MT4, the new platform capabilities will be extended across all of Vantage FX’s services suite, including signal trading and expert advisor trading.

David Bily

“At Vantage FX we’ve valued our partnership with MetaQuotes since the beginning and are excited to be at the forefront of a new MetaTrader era with MT5,” added Mr. Biley.

Moving forward, it is likely that MT5 will continue to see wider adoption amongst other brokers, not just in Australia. The move follows on the heels of similar enhancements across other locales, including continental Europe, Turkey, and others.

The decision to upgrade to MT5 also comes just one month after Vantage FX recalibrated its business focus, abandoning binary options to focus exclusively on its FX services suite. In July, Vantage FX ceased offering binary options trading for its clients in a bid to help strengthen client security.

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