Starting Your Own Forex Broker? Make It Deliver

Running a brokerage is about addressing any challenges that spring up, as well as maximizing your talent.

Whichever type of brokerage your business decides to open, it is not an easy industry and you need to know how to navigate obstacles. Last time we have provided few preliminary insights into what opening a forex broker actually means, and the challenges awaiting. There are a number of models available (for example franchise, white label, or full brokerage), each with different advantages and with unique challenges. Here we will discuss how you can meet these challenges, in order to optimise your capabilities.

All About You

Your brokerage is also your business. As such, you need to ensure the correct people are in their appropriate position within the confines of your business’ hierarchy. The best people are those with the proven ability to take your business to a higher level, and if you are able to motivate them, in return they’ll push your entire business to new heights.


It’s common for business owners and management to not fully understand the importance of a comprehensive training progamme. It’s important to know that high quality training is an essential ingredient to ensuring a company is able to function at its highest possible capacity.

The best people are those with the proven ability to take your business to a higher level

Training shouldn’t be just a one-off session. A good training programme is designed to ensure your team understands all the elements of a new system and is a crucial element to securing your brokerage’s’ success, and should be ongoing to continually support your business.

At UFXPartners, we schedule training days with our partners to ensure your company receives all of the benefits of our first-class training programmes. We arrange training both on-site and in our own head offices, so you can see first-hand how a professionally organised training programme can maximise productivity.

forex open your own broker


New clientele are the life-blood of your business. As a business owner, you need to make sure you are continually attracting new clientele to your business, while simultaneously supporting your existing clientele.

In order to be a successful brokerage, you continuously need to attract more clients to your firm. To do so, you need to employ lead generation experts. Lead generation experts ensure you get only the best quality leads for the best price.

These employees will serve as some of your most important ones. While continuously converting new clients looks good, businesses often find themselves failing to retain said clients. That’s why customer retention is more often than not, an even more important part of manging a brokerage than lead generation.

retention tend to be more important than generating leads

Our unique ParagonEx system includes a number of tools are designed to assist you in this regard, including specific email marketing campaigns, trader trading tips, and most importantly, status reports on the behaviour of individual traders allowing your sales teams to better assist customers.

Optimising Success

At UFXPartners we provide each and every partner with their own dedicated success manager. Your success manager will ensure you are not alone when you are facing issues that are affecting your business’ productivity. This person is trained to analyse your business’ data, and quickly spot if there are problems.

For example, if the business suffers from a sudden drop in conversion, there could be a number of factors to blame; low quality leads, your sales team might lack some ongoing training to better convert leads, or perhaps they are suffering from low levels of motivation, or your bonus structure may be incorrectly applied.

Your dedicated customer success manager will allow you to quickly analyse which of these factors is responsible, and will create an effective plan to combat the issue.

Risk Management System

Our state of the art risk management system allows all of our partners to benefit from live, up-to-date reports on a number of different market statuses, such as symbol exposure, profit & loss performance, and market volatility. Our software also allows your company to thoroughly analyse all current market news, as well as offer embedded tools to assist and manage higher risk traders.


Our technology partner ParagonEx provides an Advanced Client CRM, which has been proven to both increase sales team motivation and overall performance by over 65%. This industry leading CRM allows for sales teams to compete against each other, while our unique Hot-Leads generating algorithm, and Customer Click-to-Dial integration decrease overall no-answer calls.

The best performing companies in the world successfully combine industry professionals

The best performing companies in the world successfully combine industry professionals, who are well trained in their designated positions, with state-of-the-art technological advancements. Together, your employees can utilise these advancements to perform their roles to the best of their ability.

Ania pausIn order for you to optimise your business, you need a partnership that melds the technological element with and human aspects, taking your business to new heights.

This article is written by Ania Paus, Head of B2B Customer Success Team at UFXPartners. Contact Ania at

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