TradeGM Adds ETFs to its CFD Offerings

TradeGM is committed to offering simple, secure and optimised trading for everyone, from beginners to advanced traders.

Leading online brokerage, TradeGM, has expanded its already wide range of offerings with Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) CFDs.

The company offers trading in over 200 assets as CFDs including forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices and commodities, and now ETFs.

TradeGM is committed to offering simple, secure and optimised trading for everyone, from beginners to advanced traders.

With the aim to offer traders enhanced options for portfolio diversification and risk management, the firm has added ETF CFDs to its already extensive range of trading instruments.

Since ETFs track the performance of several assets from a single market or a mix of assets from a group of markets, they offer traders exposure to multiple assets with a single investment, TradeGM explained.

Key Features That Make ETFs Popular

ETFs have been witnessing increasing demand from both retail and institutional traders due to features like low cost of trading and ease of portfolio diversification.

For instance, when traders invest in stocks, they need to make a large investment to acquire shares of a single company. To then buy shares of another company, they would need to make an equally large investment again.

Whereas a single investment in an ETF can offer exposure to an entire market segment. This also helps traders mitigate risks.

If a single company stock underperforms in the market, the other stocks in the basket of the ETF will absorb the shock.

When ETFs are traded as CFDs, traders only need to fund a fraction of the total trade amount due to the availability of leverage.

CFDs offer the additional benefit of trading both rising and falling markets, since they are used to speculate on price direction.

So, when prices are expected to rise, traders can go long, while going short if they expect prices to decline going forward.

Another key feature of ETF CFDs is that traders can easily scale their exposure, without needing to make a larger investment.

This again is facilitated through leverage, where the trader funds only a part of the total investment amount, with the broker lending the rest.

Leverage is a double-edged sword and should be used in moderation. TradeGM offers a responsible 1:5 leverage ratio on ETFs.

The high liquidity of ETFs is an additional advantage. It allows traders to enter and exit positions whenever they wish to, since they are likely to easily find a counter-party to their trades.

Also, with exposure to multiple assets with a single investment, risk management becomes easier.

Why TradeGM is the Go-To Choice for ETF CFDs

Opening a trading account with a No-Dealing Desk broker means that traders have the peace of mind that there is no conflict of interest between the brokerage and their trades.

TradeGM offers access to liquidity through top-tier providers, which ensures real-time order execution and minimal slippage. Some of the other features that have helped TradeGM attract and retain thousands of clients from across the world include:

Robust Trading Platforms

Apart from access to trading via both web interface and mobile apps for Android and iOS, TradeGM offers some of the most powerful trading platforms.

Traders can choose from MetaTrader 4 (MT4), one of the most popular trading platforms in the world, and GM Trader. GM Trader is a web-based platform and the latest addition to TradeGM’s line-up of trading platforms.

GM Trader is incredibly simple to use, since it does not require the user to download or install the app on their device. It is compatible across all browsers and ensures extremely light-weight and responsive experiences on any device.

Multi-Currency Accounts

TradeGM offers a simple and convenient way to open a trading account, as well as deposit and withdraw from the account. Traders can also choose to open multiple accounts and fund them with their choice of currency, including cryptocurrencies.

Traders can easily exchange between fiat and crypto for their trades.

Free Trading Signals and Daily News

With a client-first approach, TradeGM offers the latest market news and copy trading signals from multiple trusted providers. Traders can choose to get these updates directly on their TradeGM feed.

Trader Education

Apart from dedicated support to ensure the most satisfying trading experiences, TradeGM also offers educational resources to help traders make informed investment decisions.

Traders can access advanced technical analysis and a multimedia trading library to familiarise themselves with their chosen asset before venturing into the live markets.

The company also regularly hosts trading webinars for the benefit of traders of all experience levels.

TradeGM ensures client safety through SSL protection of all client data and by maintaining client funds in segregated accounts.

To find out more about adding ETF CFDs to your portfolio, contact the TradeGM dedicated support team.

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