Top Reasons Why You Should Translate Your Forex Website

Translating your website can open doors to many international clients globally

Did you know that the biggest traders in the world reside in non-English speaking countries? In the words of Homer Simpson – “D’oh”, you’re thinking.

Let me guess, your Forex website is only offered in the English language. Your recent marketing campaign didn’t target international countries. Is your market news only offered in one language? Are your trading accounts not displayed in multiple languages? It might be time to consider making your Forex website multilingual.

Translating your website can open doors to many international clients. By offering your content in just one language, you could be missing out on more profitable target audiences. From Germany to Japan, traders from all over the world are in search for the ideal broker. Stand out from the competition by translating your website and offering your product to more markets and clients.

Here are a few reasons why you should get your Forex website translated for international audiences…

Better Online Reach

It’s common sense. Making your website available in a variety of languages enables you to have greater online reach. According to, the English language represents 25.3 percent of worldwide internet users. Imagine how many more people you could target if you offered your services in languages other than English.

The next most common languages online are Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese. Does your Forex website talk these languages? Stay ahead of your competition by translating your product. This way, you’re bound to target, engage and make your services accessible to the biggest traders in the world.

Improved SEO

Local clients will search for the ideal broker via their local search engine in their local language. How does your company rank in Google?

Offering your website in more than one language can help you rank highly in local search engines like or Once your content has been tailored for different geographic locations, using the right keywords will enhance your SEO. This is incredibly important if you want your Forex services used by traders worldwide.

Improved User Experience

Forex is a complicated language. It has its unique terminology and phrases that only experienced traders would understand. That’s why it’s very important that your product is offered in the clients’ native tongue. They prefer to read information in their own language. This way, they’re most likely to understand the context and consider you as their broker.

Did you know that 42 percent of internet users will not buy products or services from a website if the information isn’t available in their native language? Foreign clients may be interested in opening an account with you but they might lack proficiency in the English language.

Their inability to understand or navigate through your website might result in them leaving altogether. Existing foreign clients might find that your competitor offers their service in their native language – if so, get ready to wave “bye bye” to your sacred clients. Retain your customers and attract new ones by making your website multilingual. Present them with multiple language options and ultimately improve user experience.

Increased Revenue

Once your FX website is multilingual, you’ll start attracting a wider range of clients. You won’t be restricted to English-speakers only. With improved SEO, higher engagement and better user experience, it’s almost certain that your client conversions will grow. The more clients you have under your belt, the more revenue you’ll receive in return.

According to a Common Sense Advisory study, 56 percent of consumers say that information displayed in their own language is more important than price. The more clients who deposit with you, the higher your conversions and ROI will ultimately be.

Offering your website in multiple languages can encourage profitable relationships and build business value. You automatically create a bond with your clients when you speak their language and it will establish trust and grow connections. Get in touch with a financial translation agency and create that special bond with your global traders today.

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