Surviving Today’s Financial Environment Takes the Right Toolkit

In order to survive in today's financial environment you need to have a high-tech toolkit to be successful.

Forex is the boundless ocean of the financial world. It can be calm, and can be stormy, can feed and can kill. Not all can find themselves in this element, but everyone has a chance, if not to subdue it, but to make a part of his life.

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In order to survive in today’s financial environment, besides knowledge and experience, it is necessary to have a high-tech toolkit, without which it is impossible to be successful. AMTS Solutions Company is a guide to the world of high finance technologies, both for brokers and their clients.

It is necessary to have a high-tech toolkit, without which it is impossible to be successful

Today I will tell you about a service that is created for customers, that helps them not to сave in to the market, but get the market cave in to you. This service is called “Trade settings”. It allows traders to define the implementation methodology according to their preferences, and also contains some other useful functions that significantly expand the functionality of such popular trading platforms as Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5.

Clients are different

It’s not a secret that market can guarantee either a price or an execution. Therefore, the execution in the market and stop orders is guaranteed, but the price can slip in both plus and minus. While in the limit orders the price cannot slide into negative territory, but the order may not be executed if there was not enough time for filling it or the liquidity is low.

However, it is obvious that traders have different preferences, some would like the limits to be fulfilled guaranteed, even with a negative slippage. Others would like to protect markets and stops from slippage in return for a lack of execution guarantees. This, and some other issues, you can solve with the service “trade settings”, more details about this you will find below.

Dmitry Rannev (CEO AMTS Solutions)

Individual trade setting

At this moment, the service includes seven settings – but the list is constantly expanding. I will briefly describe each of them (more information you can find on the websites of brokers, who use this service in their work).

  • Notes to the slippage sizes in the comments to orders. Using this setting, the trader can see the size of slippage during the opening and closing of the order and evaluate the quality of execution.
  • Market execution of limit orders. This setting allows a trader to get a guaranteed execution of limit orders, if the execution is more important than the price.
  • Execution of market and stop orders, as limit orders with limited slippage. Using this setting allows the trader to protect himself from slippage. The order might not be executed, but it won’t be able to slip more than the preset value.
  • Cancellation of stop orders when a big gap occurs. The trader determines the size of the gap, and if the price jumps over the order more than this value, the order is not executed.
  • Cancellation of related orders when you get into a gap. If the pending order and the related stop or profit is in a gap, then the trader receives a loss equal to the spread. This setting was created to avoid this.
  • Activation of stop orders on the back of the quotation. The Buy is activated not by Ask, but by Bid, and the Sell on the contrary not by Bid, but by Ask. This avoids false penetration of levels, as well as the activation of stops by an extended spread.
  • Partial execution. In market systems, limit orders may not be fully executed, but partially breaking an order into two or more, which increases the probability of execution with lack of liquidity, but may, for example, conflict with some automatic trading systems. The setting allows you to enable and disable partial execution.

It’s not a secret that market can guarantee either a price or an execution

Not only for customers

The service is highly demanded by traders in the companies where it exists, but it should be noted that the broker also benefits from it, as well as the happy customers. When a customer has a too big of a slippage (and it is impossible to be ensured from it in a market company) or, for example, the customer trigger the stop with an extended spread, and the client sends a claim to the broker, the broker can offer the client to use one or another setting to avoid such problems. Thereby protecting themselves from the attacks, and show its willingness to protect the client from unplanned losses.


If you want to reach the pinnacle of success quicker then do not hesitate because the one who chooses a high-tech car will arrive first. And this applies to both brokers and traders. We are pleased to answer all of your questions on our Facebook page.

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