Leverate’s Success Task Force Scheduled to Launch Before the End of 2019

Originally named "Proactive”, Leverate’s Success Task Force is a one-of-a-kind brokerage solution

Leverate announced today the launch of its Success Task Force: a unique package that aims to help Leverate’s clients grow and maximize their benefits.

Originally named “Proactive”, Leverate’s Success Task Force is a one-of-a-kind brokerage solution that helps clients both in the technological and business aspects of opening a brokerage firm and running it.

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It is an elite unit within Leverate that is dedicated to helping clients realize their company’s full potential.

The Task Force will consist of two arms – an automatic Business Intelligence unit, and a dedicated human agent.

The BI element was designed by Leverate’s developers to monitor the function and operation of the client’s brokerage and automatically identify and repair any malfunctions or problems that arise, before the client spots and reports them.

This back office solution will also notify and alert Leverate’s agents to alarming changes in the brokerage’s overall performance, like a sudden decrease in deposits or a string of deposits declined by the PSP.

This will allow the broker to react on time and if needed change his marketing or sales strategy.

The human arm of Leverate’s Success Task Force consists of a personal success agent which takes a proactive approach in his relationship with the client.

His primary goal is to make sure his client’s business keeps growing and meets his revenue expectations.

The agent will advise and guide the broker in all business and financial aspects of operating their brokerage, and provide a broad array of business support services for the client.

In many ways, the task force will function much like a business consulting firm.

At first, the success manager will analyze the current state of the brokerage, point out existing vulnerabilities and help the client form and optimize a growth plan, including quarterly and yearly KPIs for the company, as well as for each team member.

Later on, they will inspect whether or not their designated goals are being met.

Task Force agents will regularly monitor and assess a wide range of brokerage functions: marketing campaigns, lead conversion rates, retention rates, leads stage progression in the CRM, number of calls, length of calls, performance of each team member, communication between sales and retention teams, language support, and much more.

The gathered knowledge will provide the agent and the broker with actionable insights for strategy planning. The critical mission of each agent is to accompany his client’s business in the face of growing obstacles.

This becomes even more important for brokers moving to a regulated environment, which requires a different set of KPIs and objectives.

Maoz Tenenbaum, Leverate’s VP of Sales, explains the reasoning behind this new service: “The Forex market is becoming more and more competitive, with small brokerages opening and closing at an alarming rate.

open a brokerage firm
Maoz Tenenbaum, Leverate’s VP of Sales

This is what our Success Task Force is focused on preventing. Brokers today need a solution that can assure their longevity and allow them to succeed and grow over time. With this new Task Force, our brokers now have a wingman to help guide their growth.

In many cases, brokers are not mindful to minor changes in their performance that can have a significant effect on their business in the future. Some brokers do not track their performance adequately at all.

For example: a small decrease in the number of first time deposits in a certain week can indicate a growing trend which requires strategic planning.

On the other hand, deposits being declined by the PSP can point at a minor problem that should be addressed in time, like a spam number.

In both cases, our combined automated BI tool and human support team will detect issues in advance, respond on time, and build a future plan in coordination with the broker himself.

In conclusion, what we’re giving brokers with this new service is much more than a tech solution or a service. We’re effectively taking the broker hand in hand towards the full achievement of his goals. It’s a kind of special “business coaching” unit for aspiring brokers, that will help them not only survive, but also thrive in this demanding industry”.

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