DocCoin: Blockchain Based Telehealth Services Announces Pre-ICO

DocCoin will look to help patients receive high-quality medical services with additional benefits for doctors

Blockchain technology has extended to far more than the financial services industry, making inroads into the medical sector as well. Through harnessing the technology, the medical industry has stands to become more transparent than ever before, which has already been seen in several developments.

This includes, DocCoin, a worldwide medical system designed on blockchain and smart contract technologies. The framework operates as a digital alternative to the modern healthcare world, which has unfortunately grown each year in terms of costs and complexity.

In light of these growing concerns, DocCoin aims to aggregate patients, doctors, insurance companies, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other parties of the healthcare sector into one ecosystem that will forever change the future of health industry. Such a move would be instrumental in fostering tangible benefits for patients and other individuals worldwide.


DocCoin will look to help patients in receiving high-quality medical services, while doctors will receive additional practice to improve their skills and finances for services provided. By extension, insurance companies will also benefit from transparency measures, resulting in a decrease of the overall number of fraud cases.

Nikita Zykov, Founder & CEO of DocCoin commented: “We believe that DocCoin will make healthcare industry more transparent and efficient and users of DocCoin system will benefit from coming changes.”

Pre-sale Information

The pre-sale for DocCoin is already underway, having kicked off earlier this week. The sale will end on February 2, 2018 – of note, there is a 50 percent discount available throughout the pre-sale. The price per DocCoin Token (DOC) is 0.0001 ETH. During this period there will be a minimum purchase of 2,000 DOC tokens. In order to contribute, visit the website

The Crowdsale Information

The crowdsale will begin on February 9, 2018 and will end on March 11, 2018. There will be 80,000,000 Doc tokens available for purchase and tokens will be distributed shortly after the end of the crowdsale.

  • Day 1-7: 1 DOC – 0.00016  ETH
  • Day 7-30: 1 DOC – 0.0002  ETH

Token Distribution Information 

There is a total of 200,000,000 DOC tokens outstanding, with 140,000,000 available throughout the pre-sale and crowdsale. Any tokens not sold during the pre-sale will be available for purchase during the crowdsale. Tokens will be distributed to contributors shortly after the crowdsale is completed.


  • 70%: Presale and public crowdsale contributors
  • 19%: Team
  • 11%: Early investors

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