Alibabacoin to Soon Launch its Highly Secure Multi Cryptocurrency HD Wallet

The Alibabacoin HD wallet will support a wide range of features such as facial recognition and multi-crypto storage

ABBC Foundation’s Alibabacoin is soon going to become one of the few coins to offer a highly secure multi cryptocurrency HD wallet that will support 8 types of cryptocurrencies including ABBC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Qtum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple.

It will allow the users to switch from one crypto to another instantly. The HD wallet will also support features like facial recognition, multi-crypto storage function, crypto trading, pin code transaction confirmation, online shopping mall connection as well as crypto payment. The wallet users will have their own private keys, enabling the crypto holders to take responsibility and full authority of their own assets.

What sets the Alibabacoin’s multi-crypto wallet apart from its counterparts is that the wallet will be available for free download with free updates and only needs an internet connection. Another advantage of this wallet is that it is secured using advanced algorithms which preventany risk of hacking.

In addition, ABBC Foundation is also one of the first to bring facial recognition into the blockchain world, which eliminates any security risk with this wallet further. The company is also in the process of implementing session option which means the wallet will automatically log out within a fixed time if the user is idle and not using the app.

ABBC Foundation combines all the applications into one database to resolve the issue of mobility. For instance, the user accounts, transactions, user details are saved in one database that is connected to one service which enables usability, mobility, interoperability, and reusability of the application.

Unlike the many other wallets in the crypto market, the Alibabacoin’s HD wallet features a user-friendly interface. It is designed to be simple with straightforward action buttons that provide quick access to common features and commands. It has a well-organized interface which allows the users to easily navigate and locate various tools and options.

Alibabacoin wallet adopts and implements the blockchain technology to offer quality assurance, smart contract transactions, peer to peer global transaction and serve as an openstock exchange platform for the users. Being based on the highest standards of the cryptocurrency market, the wallet allows the users to learn faster and adapt quickly to the market standards as well as learn to manage the crypto assets widely and safely in the most effective manner.

So far, the wallet is designed to support 8 major coins but once launched, the company will soon be adding more to the list. Find more information about Alibabacoin HD wallet at

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