15 Million Traders Choose FBS!

FBS has been in the Forex market for 11 years and has gone a long way.

In March 2020, the number of clients of the Forex company FBS exceeded the mark of 15 million. It is an essential event for the broker. With Wanchalerm Champan (Thailand), FBS hit this significant number.

The lucky trader lives in Thailand and works at Fasco, the company that produces motors for export. He is a QA engineer who enjoys what he is doing.

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He is the one responsible for quality-check and a mediator between customers and manufacturers. This job is stable and regularly-paid, but he is seeking more.

Being an ambitious person by nature, Wanchalerm Champan is always searching for additional sources of income. So, one day he saw an ad online that brought him to fbs.com.

He knew absolutely nothing about Forex but heard a lot about a new era of investments and opportunities that financial markets can offer.

He was surfing the web, and from the list of the top online brokers, he chose FBS. Then he did not suspect that he would become a 15 million client.

Now Wanchalerm Champan is a newbie in the trading world. He consciously approaches his new beginning, so before starting to trade, he decided to expand his knowledge, figure out the details, and prepare. FBS will help him to learn all about trading.

Fortunately, the “Analitics&Education” on fbs.com provides abundant information about Forex, including webinars, video lessons, tips for traders, a guidebook, and a blog with the articles that explain complicated notions in simple language.

Thus, Wanchalerm Champan has every chance to become a successful trader after he studies the FX basics. What is more, very soon, FBS will encourage his desire to build a trader’s career by making one of his dreams come true – he will get an iPhone 11.

FBS has been in the Forex market for 11 years and has gone a long way. Every year, the growth is getting faster. FBS received dozens of prestigious awards, became the official trading partner of one of the best football teams in the world – FC Barcelona.

All these steps and victories encourage the company to move forward and conquer new horizons.

A year ago, in 2019, FBS had 12 million clients. In just a year, 3 million more traders joined FBS to succeed in Forex. It is an incredible breakthrough in such a short time.

Also, every year the company confirms the status of a reliable broker. Even despite the current situation in the world, which involves pandemic and economic collapse, the number of clients is increasing.

The reason is that – FBS is stable. The company works as it used to and offers its clients secure and efficient tools for their profitable daily trades.

FBS has ambitious plans for the year to come. Stay tuned!

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