ETNA Software Releases Latest Version of its Multi Asset Algo Trading Platform ETNA Robot v 3.0

ETNA Software, a leading global provider of custom financial software solutions, today announced the release of the new version of

ETNA Software, a leading global provider of custom financial software solutions, today announced the release of the new version of ETNA Robot – the algorithmic trading platform which allows users to trade securities of any class. ETNA Robot 3.0 adds substantial feature enhancements and performance improvements. Combining trading capabilities with a user-friendly interface, ETNA Robot 3.0 is a platform suitable for HFT professionals looking for the solution that will perfectly meet their business needs.

“Financial institutions that are looking to significantly increase their revenue will find the new version of ETNA Robot very useful,” comments Roman Zhukov, CEO of ETNA Software. “ETNA Robot 3.0 provides an opportunity for both retail and institutional clients to enjoy the benefits and flexibility of an integrated, fully-fledged algo trading solution. The components we have added to the new version of ETNA Robot can significantly improve one’s trading experience.”

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ETNA Robot takes algorithmic trading to a new level. It is a sophisticated, robust platform created by ETNA Software for companies and individuals looking for a strategy execution platform.

ETNA Robot supports algorithms in native Java, C++ or C# and this provides users with full control over execution of the strategies. Also, it is possible to choose which parameters of the algorithm should be hardcoded and which should be managed on the fly.

ETNA Robot supports HFT with up to 5,000 orders per second. It has a distributed architecture, which means each server runs its own strategy, and it takes the trading into the hardcore HFT area. ETNA Robot is a broker neutral solution and can be integrated with any broker or market data feed.

Here is the list of the features added to the new version of ETNA Robot:

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Range bars. Users can monitor the low price and the high price of an asset for a particular trading period.

Pair trading support. The strategy of matching a long position with a short position in two stocks of the same sector can be a great help to users who want to reduce portfolio volatility and make money in volatile markets.

Backtesting. It is possible to upload the strategies and monitor their implied performance. ETNA Robot allows users to run simulations and check if the strategy is profitable enough to proceed with it.

Futures and Forex support. With ETNA Robot, the users can trade mostly demanded asset classes including stocks, options, futures and Forex.

Visual Strategy Builder. The process of building algo strategy has been simplified to an online tool that allows defining most-frequently used parameters and their values.

Multi-user Support. Unlimited multi-user support provides the users with an option to create a large amount of profiles on a single installation.

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