Boutique Algo-Trading Company Embium Rebrands As Quantica Trading

Subsequent to the recent launch of its proprietary auto-trading system under the Viper moniker, algorithmic trading solution firm Embium has

Five years have rolled by since automated trading technology company Embium came into existence, however late last week, the company announced that it was time to shelve its original name, in favor of new branding.

Under the steerage of ex-Sungard senior executive Janice Robson who presides over Quantica Trading as CEO, the company has adopted a completely redeveloped website which depicts its new branding and indicates its direction toward the modern application-compatible functionality, exemplified by its affiliation and compatibility with Google+.

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Janice Robson
CEO, Quantica Trading

The company remains small, and continues to occupy its existing offices in Kitchener, Ontario, however its focus appears to concentrate on differentiating between the products that the company offers, these being its broker-neutral platform Cloud Trader, its Excel-based auto-trading system which is marketed under the designation of Viper, and lastly, the algorithmic trading solutions that the company develops.

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For such a company, a dichotomy is apparent within the FX market of today, one potential development being the current stance which worldwide regulatory authorities are taking on algorithmic trading and high-frequency trading (HFT) with Europe wishing to stem order flow resulting from this practice, and the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission preparing to hold a public meeting on automated trading this week.

The other side of this dichotomy is that open, broker-neutral trading platforms are becoming increasingly welcomed among institutional and retail firms, as detailed by tradable CEO and founder Jannick Malling recently in a discussion on the Forex Magnates Meet The Experts portal.

Whether smaller companies with innovative or niche products are able to carve out a satisfactory market share only time will tell.

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