FXecosystem Launches Strategic Network Partnership with Metamako

FXecosystem’s users will be able to leverage both inward and outbound traffic across their entire network via Metamako.

FXecosystem, a provider of connectivity services for the financial services industry, has partnered with network devices specialist, Metamako, helping to optimize its multilateral traffic and network capabilities, according to a recent FXecosystem statement.

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FXecosystem’s latest dealings with Metamako will help streamline services available for its existing clients, specifically users of FXeco-eye, the group’s real-time network and flow operational monitoring and data visualization utility. Per the recent accord, clients will also be able to capture benefits afforded through network management and reduced latency, albeit confined to its UK offering – Fxecosystem has already unveiled plans to extend Metamako’s capacities to its US offering as well at a future date.

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The accord is important for FXecosystem’s users as it helps them leverage both inward and outbound traffic across their entire network. Furthermore, the capabilities granted by Metamako will also help garner dynamic patching or remote reconfiguring, effectively giving a more visible and transparent approach to clients’ network.

James Banister, CEO, FXecosystem

According to James Banister, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), FXecosystem, in a recent statement on the partnership: “Metamako devices are a game changer for Managed Service Providers and FXecosystem is pleased to be at the forefront of this. We’ve implemented Metamako as part of our strategy of continual investment to provide a market leading service to banks, brokers and hedge funds.”

“One of the catalysts for deploying Metamako was to help our clients to ‘tap’ into all the data sets they require to meet their current and future regulatory demands. MiFID II regulations, for example, will require increased scrutiny into trading flow. The Metamako devices are extremely powerful and enhance our offering to clients,” he added.

“We always knew that our clients were using our devices for much more than just latency reduction and determinism; a recent client survey proved this. The top use cases for Metamako devices include connection monitoring, tapping, timestamping and reconfigurable patch panels. We look forward to bringing these benefits to FXecosystem and their clients,” reiterated Dave Snowdon, founder and CTO of Metamako, in an accompanying statement.

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