Corvil Deploys Machine-time Analytics Platform

"It’s time to re-think the role of speed in today’s financial markets."

Corvil, a specialist in real-time data analytics and regulatory solutions for the financial services industry, implemented a new class of data analytics, pushing its ongoing agenda to shore up transparency, surveillance, and compliance across financial markets.

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The group’s latest initiative caters to trading businesses participating in high speed financial markets and algorithmic business, culminating in the deployment of machine-time analytics as part of Corvil’s latest release of its streaming analytics platform, per a Corvil report.

Machine-time is defined as the time it takes a machine to act or respond to information. This holds particular relevance to trading venues and financial markets as in the electronic trading space, machines can execute trades autonomously in under one hundred microseconds and are capable of making decisions to trade in less than ten microseconds.

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The launch of Corvil’s new machine-time analytics platform is based on these principles, which allows for the streaming analysis of granular data with precision timestamps. Corvil’s new platform also utilizes network data as its primary data source, whereby providing an independent, immutable record of what actually happened.

In addition, Corvil will also be introducing App Agent, helping deliver machine-time visibility of internal application events with ultra-low overhead. The App Agent helps solve certain issues inherent with such timestamps, and works to efficiently offload the work of serializing, batching and publishing time-stamped application events.

Donal Bryne, CEO, Corvil
Donal Bryne, CEO, Corvil

According to Donal Byrne, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Corvil, in a recent statmetn on the launch, “It’s time to re-think the role of speed in today’s financial markets. With markets operating at blindingly fast speeds, coupled with new ad-hoc mechanisms to slow them down and a growing array of complex order types, we need a reliable way to make sense of everything that is happening. We need to safeguard and provide transparency into all trading activity. This is the reason we introduced the new class of data analytics we refer to as machine-time analytics.”

Last month, Corvil made headlines after it launched a strategic partnership with Carbon Black, a provider of Next-Generation Endpoint Security (NGES). The partnership saw Corvil and Carbon Black team up to offer clients a unified suite of services offering cyber-threat detection, analysis, and improved response times to combat cyber attacks and other security breaches.

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