TFX Sees Rebound in January Across FX Volumes, Led by USD/JPY Trading

FX markets finally awoke in January, led by USD/JPY and EUR/USD trading

The Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) has disclosed its latest trading volumes for the month ending January 2018. The figures showed a notable dive across its interest rate futures, however FX rebounded strongly in the first month of the year as volatility picked up once again.

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Japanese exchanges had largely seen waning volumes during the latter part of 2017 – this extended to the retail space as stagnated markets helped cap volumes across most venues. In terms of TFX, the latest figures managed score a strong rebound in terms of FX during January 2018.

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In particular, the total trading volume of FX Daily Futures contracts (Click 365) during January 2018 was 2,482,513 contracts, up 19.9 percent on a month-over-month basis from 2,069,608 contracts in December 2017. Over a yearly timetable, this figure was lower, with a decline of 21.5 percent relative to January 2017.

Click 365’s daily average FX contracts also were reported at 112,839 contracts in January 2018, surpassing 98,554 contracts per day in December 2017, or 14.5 percent higher month-over-month. The biggest reason for this surge was a rebound in USD/JPY trading pairs, which saw a growth of 60.0 percent in January 2018.

USD/JPY trading had been quite muted during December, with the trading pair bound in a very tight trading range. In January, a steady erosion of the USD helped kindle volumes on the exchange, however. By extension, the EUR/USD also saw a sizable boost in trading volumes during January 2018 – the latest figures saw volumes jump 67.1 percent on a monthly basis, with the EUR/USD rising to highs not seen in over a year.

In terms of Equity Index Daily Futures contracts on Click Kabu 365, the segment grew by 21.6 percent in January 2018, climbing to 617, 705 futures contracts for the month. Click Kabu 365’s volumes were higher across the board as demand for nearly all instruments swelled in January 2018 – this included gains for Nikkei 225 daily futures, DIJA, DAX, and FTSE daily futures.

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