Deutsche Börse Incurs Broad-based Turnover Decline in May

Deutsche Börse’s monthly turnover continued its monthly swoon in 2016 with May being no exception.

Deutsche Börse Group, a German institutional trading network, has reported its monthly order book turnover across all asset classes for May 2016, which has now extended its monthly decline for the third month in a row, according to a Deutsche Börse statement.

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May 2016’s turnover figures at Deutsche Börse could not snap a recent downtrend at the venue, after coming in at just $115.9 billion (€103.8 billion) across all its cash markets, corresponding to a fall of -5.8% MoM from $123.1 billion (€110.2 billion) in April 2016. The latest figures justify a definitive trend in which every month has seen diminishing figures in this space, a distinction shared amongst nearly all other institutional exchanges in 2016 thus far.

Delving into the figures further, May 2016’s latest turnover figures were also much lower when weighed against their 2015 counterpart, as volumes notched a decline of -17.4% YoY from May 2015 after seeing a staunchly higher figure of $140.3 billion (€125.6 billion).

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Monthly Turnover Breakdown

Deutsche Börse’s monthly turnover of $115.9 billion during May 2016 was disaggregated into its exchanges, each of which seeing a slightly uneven performance during the month. Of the $115.9 billion in all, $107.3 billion (€96.1 billion) was attributable to Xetra, retreating -4.5% MoM from $112.3 billion (€100.6 billion) in April 2016. Taken over a yearly timetable however, Xetra’s May 2016’s turnover incurred a fall of -17.9% YoY from $130.8 billion (€117.1 billion) in May 2015.

In addition, the average daily turnover on Xetra also came in at just $5.1 billion (€4.6 billion) in May 2016, vs. $5.4 billion (€4.8 billion) in April 2016, or -4.2% MoM, as well as suffering a -25.8% plunge YoY from $6.9 billion (€6.2 billion) in May 2015.

By extension, a turnover of $3.2 billion (€2.9 billion) was attributed to Börse Frankfurt in May 2016, approximately -21.6% lower MoM from $4.1 billion (€3.7 billion) in April 2016. Finally, order book turnover on the Tradegate Exchange totaled an estimated $5.5 billion (€4.9 billion) in May 2016, rescinding -16.9% MoM against $6.6 billion (€5.9 billion) in April 2016.

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