ASX Rebounds With Strong Capital Gains in December 2015, Futures Improve Performance

The ASX raised a total of $8.7 billion in total capital during December 2015, compared to $7.9 billion in November,

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has reported its monthly activity report for December 2015, which saw a paring of last month’s losses and a general ascension in capital across a number of key benchmarks and indices, according to an ASX statement.

For the month ending December 2015, the value of ASX-listed stocks, as measured by the global All Ordinaries Index, secured a healthy 2.4% advance – this performance also outperformed many other leading market blocs, notably when weighed against Germany (-5.6%), Japan (-3.6%) and the United States (-1.8%) – the only other major market of note with a positive performance in December 2015 was Singapore (0.9%).

In addition to this rise in capital, the ASX saw unchanged bouts of volatility in December, with its volatility, as calculated by the All Ordinaries Index, holding steady at 0.8% in December 2015, unchanged MoM from November 2015.

Key Specifics

In terms of market specifics, the ASX also raised a total of $8.7 billion in total capital during December 2015, relative to just $7.9 billion back in November 2015, or 10.1% MoM. Across its initial capital raise, the exchange managed to raise $2,565 million during the month of December 2015, up 16.2% YoY from $2,208 million in December 2014.

The total value of cash markets for the ASX during December 2015 was $90.7 billion, down -8.2% MoM from $98.8 billion in November 2015 – this result did justify a 5.1% increase YoY from $86.3 billion in December 2014.

For the second consecutive month the ASX also bested its 2014 counterpart in the area of future contracts. Indeed, the ASX witnessed a total of 11.9 million futures contracts traded during December 2015, up 26.6% MoM from 9.4 million contracts in November 2015. Across a yearly timeframe the most recent figures orchestrated a more tepid rise, or less than 1% YoY from 11.8 million contracts in December 2014.

Finally, the notional value of over-the-counter (OTC) interest rate derivative contracts centrally cleared during December 2015 was $104.0 billion, plunging -44.5% MoM from $187.5 billion in November 2015.

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