FxStat launches Managedbook – advanced Market Leaders portfolio management

Managedbook is an innovative service that will allow you to create your own currency portfolio by following as many Market

FxStat just announced the launch of its portfolio management tool called Managedbook, remotely similar to Currensee’s Trade Leaders program.

Managedbook is an innovative service that will allow you to create your own currency portfolio by following as many Market Leaders as you want and choosing the exact currency pairs you want to invest in. The system works by Market Leaders providing signals once they buy or sell a currency, signals that are immediately and automatically executed into their followers’ account (similar to FxStat Tradebook).

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Main differences from FxStat’s Tradebook are the way fees are calculated (success instead of volume), advanced bookkeeping capability – allowing to better manage risk and monitor performance and Fund allocation which allows investors to invest part of their portfolio in specific currencies traded by Market Leader, set lot size and add close level percentage.

As an investor (trade follower): you will pay a success fee related exclusively to your profit and, one of the best things, in case you don’t make any profit out of this investment, you will not pay any success fee. The success fee is set at 20% of the net profits generated by the trades of each Market Leader in the trade followers’ account (portfolio) and represents the single fee charged by FXStat for this service. Also, any loss accrued by market leaders will be carried forward. Market leader will not get paid any success fee unless they have covered the losses (success fee is based on High Watermark). 

Advanced Bookkeeping feature will allow investors (trade followers) to measure their progress in real time and closely monitor the open and closed P&L made by each Market Leader, as well as the P&L of every closed trade in your closed trade section and monthly breakdown of each market leader trades.

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Market Leaders are able to increase their monthly revenues without any extra-effort! They will receive success fee based on the profit is been generated by their trades in their followers accounts.


If you have a strong strategy, a real account and a profitable performance, why not become a market leader and offer your strategies to FxStat members and brokers’ client and receive success fee revenue from your followers profit.

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