Cpattern launches a forex accounts 'Converter' for forex brokers

CPattern is proud to announce the launch of its new product – the “Converter”. In a joint venture with LIVEPERSON,

CPattern is proud to announce the launch of its new product – the “Converter”. In a joint venture with LIVEPERSON, an international leader in the field of customer conversion, CPattern designed a real-time application dedicated to ramping up automatic customer conversions for the Forex industry. The company has a deep understanding of the need for forex brokers to maximize marketing budgets and by creating more customers for the brokers they know they have succeeded in their mission. The product has been live already at a leading broker and has shown astonishing results.

The product integrates into any broker’s demo trading platform (compatible with MT4, MT5, ACTFOREX, and almost any other trading system) and mines the data in real time. By accessing the demo data in real time, the company analyzes and flags potential customers most likely to convert immediately. The customer can then (optionally) receive a promotional offer specifically targeted based on the customer’s engagement with the demo. The company has a proven track record of converting these customers automatically in significant numbers. Didn’t convert? No problem, a second line of defense exists in the form of the collaboration with LIVEPERSON which will enable direct engagement through chat or voice.

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Zvika Pakula, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer of eToro, says: “CPattern has developed a new solution of real-time analysis of DEMO users and we were happy to test it. The results look very promising: it could give us a new way to attract more customers in shorter time.”

The whole sales process could be finished over and done with very quickly. In the period since going live, automatic conversions have doubled over baseline. In addition, the sales reps have been given access to the same information that causes the automatic conversion. As such, in addition to the typical data available to the sales rep (name, number, e-mail, lead source, marketing source, etc…) the rep has access to real time analyzed information about the customers’ engagement with the demo as well as a recommendation regarding the timing of the sales call. CPattern eliminates the guess work of the optimal contact point for leads.

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CPattern was founded in 2009 with the express intent of improving the performance with real time solutions using algorithmic BI (Business Intelligence) for one of the fastest growing online markets: Online Capital Market Brokers. The company is based on expertise in 3 main fields: Behavioral Science, Algorithms, and Technology, providing automated real-time trading behavior analytics solutions which provide added value to both the brokers and their end users.

The company has 2 products. The other being the “Guardian Angel”; designed to latch on to LIVE customers on any trading platform. The product feeds customer real time analyzed information (based on CPattern’s BI algorithms) which assists him in his trading endeavors. The solution is designed to increasing traders’ awareness to the many facets of trading while trades are open, so the brokerage gains a more satisfied trading experience; one less likely to fall into the familiar trap of near instant losses. Therefore, customer lifetime value increases, and the product has already shown a 60% increase in volume as well as an amazing 77% increase in deposited amounts.

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Founded in 1995, LivePerson is a provider of online engagement solutions that facilitate real-time assistance and expert advice. Connecting businesses and experts with consumers seeking help on the Web, our hosted software platform creates more relevant, compelling and personalized online experiences. The company has over 8,500 customers worldwide.

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