FCA Warns Public Against TradeBNP

The scam broker has been offering its services to members of the public without licensing.

This Tuesday the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a British regulator, issued a warning against TradeBNP. According to the regulator, TradeBNP has been soliciting for business in the UK without the necessary licenses.

Unlike many other scammers, TradeBNP claims to have an address in Belfast and not in London. Experience on the part of this author would indicate that the broker doesn’t have an office in Northern Ireland.

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Instead of admitting that they are criminals operating from a Slavic backwater or a basement in Tel Aviv, most scam brokers list an address in a more ‘legit’ location such as London or somewhere in Switzerland.

Setting up a fake office and phone number is remarkably easy. In fact, via a quick Google search, you could have a virtual office in London and an English phone number in under ten minutes.

Weirdly, TradeBNP didn’t bother to make an English number which would have been congruent with their alleged Belfast office. Instead, they list a German phone number. Again, this is almost certainly fake.

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TradeBNP – Not Feeling the Love

Even without the fake address and phone number, dive into the reviews of TradeBNP, and you will be swimming in a sea of hatred towards a firm that has clearly been doing its best to steal from people across the globe.

Most people report exactly the same sort of behavior that we have come to expect from scam brokers over the years.

Out of the blue, people receive a call or email and tell them that, if they just deposit some of their hard-earned cash, they will soon be rolling in dough.

Of course, that never happens, and after the scam artists behind the schemes have managed to milk as much cash as they can from their victims, they stop answering emails and calls.

Depressing stuff eh? Well, let’s just hope the FCA’s warning prevents some poor sucker from having his wallet emptied, then we can take one positive from this whole mess.

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