Devexa Integrates with Salesforce to Automate Customer Support

Devexa can interact with data from Salesforce and represent a broker’s support and sales desk.

Devexa, a multi-language digital trading assistant and chatbot, announced this Monday that it has integrated with Salesforce in order to automate the customer support of foreign exchange (forex) brokers.

Salesforce is used by a number of stock and forex brokers as their CRM. Therefore, following the integration, Devexa is now able to interact with data from Salesforce and represent a broker’s support and sales desk in any messenger that has a chatbot API.

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Created by Devexperts, a provider of financial software and services for brokerages, Devexa is an automated solution that provides on the go market information, such as interactive charts, news, and stock fundamentals. Traders can access the assistant via mobile messengers and smart speakers.

Following the integration, brokers can use Devexa to support a range of onboarding processes. Namely, clients can now check their application status (while going through KYC and AML procedures) directly via the digital assistant.

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As part of this, clients will be able to receive updates to their application, in the form of a push notification, such as whether or not their photo or scanned document was not accepted. Furthermore, users can upload documents through Devexa, if the use of messengers is permitted by the relevant regulatory body.

Currently, Devexa is integrated with dxTrade, the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms, and is available for use via Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Google Assistant, and Yandex Alice.

The main purpose of Devexa is to help brokers extend their trading platforms to client messengers, provide an alternative path for onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC), and provide a front line of customer support.

Devexa tracks deposits and withdrawals

“Devexa not only works with Leads and Accounts entities in Salesforce, but it can also track deposits/withdrawals. One of the most frequent requests a broker’s support officer receives is to check the status of a withdrawal,” the company said in its statement today.

“Other chatbots can only answer with canned responses about how much time it usually takes to process a withdrawal request. Devexa can deliver the information from Salesforce that can be disclosed to clients and craft a personalized response depending on the actual status.” 

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