Algo Trading Scam Features Fabricated Stephen Hawking Endorsement

Fraudsters are utilizing a forged Stephen Hawking testimonial to endorse a trading scam.

The widespread deployment and spread of fake news and websites has been a characteristic trend of 2016, however the recent use of a fabricated Stephen Hawking interview may be the most bizarre episode yet.

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A website impersonating CNN unveiled a false pitch by the world-renowned physics professor, who was depicted promoting an unregulated ultra-high risk trading site, according to a Buzzfeed report.

The website,, features an apparent interview with Mr. Hawking that details an advanced trading algorithm. While such code and algos are certainly in Mr. Hawking’s wheelhouse, the brilliant professor maintains no ties to the fraudulent site. The article also features the headline, “Stephen Hawking Develops a Computer Code Unlike Any Other”.

The advocated trading scheme should be avoided as it is not supported by Mr. Hawking or any other requisite authority. The site itself is also boasting returns of at least $1,455 per day – such scams are hardly commonplace though the reliance on an international professor and physicist certainly are an unusual development.

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