Forex Magnates Launches FinTech, a Spotlight on P2P Lending, Crowdfunding and Investments

Always with an eye on the next big thing, Forex Magnates launches a new section covering the vast field of

touch- tablet in handsReaders may have noticed financial technology (fintech) but non-FX posts over the past two weeks. They are part of a new section devoted towards covering the FinTech Industry.


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At Forex Magnates one of the most common questions we receive is, “What’s the next big thing in the market?” Whether it’s bitcoins, the Chinese yuan, binary options, low latency products or mobile platforms, there is always an interest from readers to know about the latest and greatest in the Forex market. And frankly, us editors at Forex Magnates enjoy discovering and writing about these innovative products as well.

Following on that trend, and the reality that many in the Forex field have a wider interest in the greater financial industry (IE this week’s post of IBFX’s founder launching a Crowdfunding platform), covering the emerging fintech sector seemed like a natural progression for our website’s content.

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Fintech Is a Vast Field

Generally speaking, fintech innovation is used to describe a very wide range of products. In its simplest sense, fintech is the use of technology to provide solutions in the financial industry. This can include products that help banks process the mounds of data they produce every day, to payment networks that connect the unbanked, to machine reading algorithms, also to new ways the world is investing its money.

In our coverage, Forex Magnates will be putting focus on the capital markets, targeting stories that explain how technology is changing the way we invest, companies raising money, equity being sold, and data being connected and transferred. In our initial coverage angles will be crowdfunding, P2P lending, data and investing. We will also include a ‘deals’ category to focus on recent funding and M&A activity in the sector.

Oh, and what about digital currencies? Digital currency coverage will continue to be covered exclusively on DC Magnates, but a few articles will probably be sprinkled here and there about bitcoin and decentralized exchange firms that are innovating in the fintech sector.

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