Exclusive: EU Broker Skilling Completes Integration with cTrader

The trading platform has launched a one account-two platforms feature.

Although Skilling might be a relatively new player on the European market, the trading platform continues to make big strides. Today, the company has revealed exclusively to Finance Magnates that it has completed the industry’s first seamless integration with Spotware’s cTrader.

Skilling is an online trading platform that offers foreign exchange (forex) and contracts-for-difference (CFD) trading on instruments. Through its collaboration with Spotware, the two companies have created a unique feature that has been internally dubbed One account. Two platforms.

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In particular, this feature allows clients of Skilling to be able to trade across two separate trading platforms while only holding one account, instead of having to manage two separate accounts, and needing to fund two different wallets.

Skilling: we wanted to give clients a choice

In a statement seen by Finance Magnates, André Lavold, CEO of Skilling Group, said: “Put simply, we wanted to give our clients a choice which trading platform to use – our proprietary Skilling Trader, or a more advanced client-oriented cTrader.”

“The issue you have with other brokers with multiple platforms is the need to fund two trading accounts separately, maintaining healthy margins across two different accounts, and also having two sets of trading activities. With this unique integration – everything you do in one trading platform will also be reflected in the other.”

“So, if you start trading gold on Skilling Trader, you will see this same position when you are using our cTrader platform. And vice versa. Goodbye two different free margins, two payment wallets and two trading accounts. With Skilling you will have one single trading account and a choice through which platform to execute your trades.”

The FX industry is fragmented

In light of today’s announcement, Finance Magnates reached out to Skilling’s CEO to find out more about its collaboration with Spotware.

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When asked whether he saw a large need for this type of product, Lavold told Finance Magnates: “We have seen that the industry is largely fragmented: you either have simpler, cleaner trading platforms on one end, or more advanced ones on the other, with choice across brokers today being a bit binary.”

“We wanted to combine the two approaches and let our customers decide themselves in which way they access their trading account. So, when trading with us, you get one account with our spreads, execution parameters, etc., but two ways to access your account. Ultimately, we believe this to be superior experience for the customer.”

Why cTrader?

Skilling is licensed in Cyprus by CySEC and backed by the Scandinavian shareholders of Optimizer Invest, Skilling officially launched its offering in Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the UK last year. 

According to Lavold, Skilling needed a reliable technology and execution partner that was scalable, functional, and would allow the company to offer its customers the experience you see at Skilling today – this is why the company chose to partner with Spotware.

“We needed a partner that could help us build the modern, clean Skilling UI of today and offer a seamless integration between our proprietary trading platform and out-of-the-box established trading platform. Spotware were forthcoming in what we can do with them, so we decided to partner,” he added.

So can we expect further partnerships from Skilling like the one announced today? According to its CEO, the answer is yes.

“We have an exciting year ahead, and yes – we’re currently talking to a few key industry and non-industry participants about possible partnerships and future plans. Ultimately, we are a technology company that seeks to grow by adding and improving our in-house tech, and we therefore are very actively looking at current players in the FX & CFD space and beyond. You will definitely be hearing from and about us.”

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