ChartIQ Launches Windows 8 Touch Enabled App – Why This is Important

Stock and forex charting startup, ChartIQ, has announced that they have launched their mobile charting app for Windows 8 touch

chartiqStock and forex charting startup, ChartIQ, has announced that they have launched their mobile charting app for Windows 8 touch enabled devices. The app allows Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 touch enabled users to operate the product on a native non-browser environment. ChartIQ’s first product was an iPad app that provide users of the tablet a high level charting experience in a mobile device. In addition, the company has added a few cool features which include StockTwits integration and a trading simulator using historical data to test charting strategies.

Having played around with the app, the one thing that impressed me was the ease of using a mobile device for charting. Also, the StockTwits feature was amazingly seamless and provided the a very quick and easy ability to share on the social network. Scanning on Twitter I also noticed quite a few other traders that had similar positive remarks. But as much as I liked the product, and we’ll probably do a ‘New Product Spotlight’ on it in the future, there is another reason why this product is important.

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Talking to Dan Schleifer, President and Co-Founder at ChartIQ, he pointed out that the initial demand for the app weren’t per-se mobile traders, but professional technical analysts and traders that wanted a solid mobile charting experience when they were away from their multi-screen trading consoles. One of the areas we reported about last year was the increase of HTML5 cross product applications being developed. While mobile is a ‘big trend’ on the retail level with nearly every day another broker launching an app, it is quietly becoming the norm on the enterprise level as well. Starting with beepers and moving to Blackberry’s etc, the state of being ‘constantly connected’ is a reality in the workspace. When it comes to trading platforms, we saw Caplin Trader build their trading platform, which is geared towards institutional traders, using HTML5. The result being the ability to monitor traders, risk, and pricing anywhere and everywhere.

Bringing it back to ChartIQ. The fact that the company is having success with a paid app that is a stand-alone product and isn’t connected with any trading platform, reveals the real demand taking place to be constantly connected. As this trend continues, and mobile design and performance becomes more integral, we can expect to see more companies build their platforms with a mobile first mentality, even if their final products are expected to be mainly desktop used apps.

ChartIQ Releases First Touch-Enabled Windows 8 Stock and Forex Charting App

Windows 8 Store Gets Leading Touch-Optimized Stock and Forex Charting App
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA–(Marketwire – Feb 6, 2013) – ChartIQ, the leader in mobile stock and forex charts, today announced the launch of ChartIQ Plus for Windows 8. ChartIQ Plus is the first and only touch-optimized stock charting tool for Microsoft Surface RT, Surface Pro, and all touch-enabled Windows 8 computers.

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When used on a desktop or laptop running Windows 8, ChartIQ Plus is a full-featured stock and forex charting application, with keystroke and mouse commands. When operated from a touch screen — a tablet, ultrabook, or all-in-one touch PC — ChartIQ provides touch gesture access to all of the same features.

“Touch is an integral part of the Windows 8 experience, and we’re proud to be the only stock and forex charting tool optimized for touch as well as keyboard and mouse,” said Dan Schleifer, co-founder and president of ChartIQ. “Whether it’s on a Microsoft Surface or a touch-enabled Windows 8 ultrabook, traders can access all of our charting features in either mode.”

Built on HTML5 technology, ChartIQ is the only suite of stock and forex charting applications designed to work on every desktop browser and tablet on the market, across brands and operating systems. As traders move from multi-screen desktops at the office, to tablets at home or on the road, having access to the same professional-grade tools is critical.

Added Mr. Schleifer, “Traders no longer want one set of applications at their desk, and another — often extremely limited — set on their mobile devices. With ChartIQ Plus, traders have the same tools, no matter where they are, or what device they’re on.”

ChartIQ Plus for Windows 8 is available immediately from the Windows Store. ChartIQ Plus is also available for Apple iPad in the iTunes Store and on the web at

About ChartIQ
An extraordinary transformation in investor technology is underway. Mobile and social investing are overturning old models just as the Internet did over a decade ago. ChartIQ has developed charting software with social charting, mobile optimization and an advanced toolset geared towards technical traders. ChartIQ’s products are available directly to investors, as well as being offered via white labeled solutions through brokerages and finance sites. For more information, visit

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