Video: Dallas FED Chairman, Richard Fisher, Takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge

It is time for the financial industry to pay up in donations and raise awareness about Lou Gehrig's disease after

Oh well.. we know! Everybody does the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) ice bucket challenge these days, some for known and some for unknown reasons. But even participants who have never heard about the noble cause behind dropping a bucket full of ice water onto one’s head deserve credit for joining in.

This next one is a gem – one of the most hawkish members on the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC), Dallas FED Chairman, Richard Fisher, accepted the challenge from the Texas Bankers Association to raise awareness about the ALS disease.

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The fact is, after the initiative started circulating around the web, there is almost no internet aware person who doesn’t now know about the motor neuron disorder (MND), named in the United States after legendary New York Yankees first baseman, Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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Chairman Fisher was challenged by the Texas Bankers Association President and CEO Eric Sandberg. In a stylish Texan way, Fisher takes the hit and challenges the leaders of all 588 banks in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District and best of all, the presidents of the other eleven Federal Reserve Bank Chairs, who in taking their turn have to challenge the banks in their districts.

With tech industry CEOs being among the first prominently rich individuals to take on the ALS ice bucket challenge and donate substantial sums of money to fund research for finding a cure to ALS, it now comes down to the financial industry.

Anyone from the forex industry care to join in?

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