UK Trading Specialist, Jarratt Davis, Launches Introductory Trading Program

Jarratt Davis has initiated a new FX program, specifically designed to target introductory traders.

UK foreign exchange (FX) education specialist and trading maven, Jarratt Davis, has unveiled a managed account program for introductory traders.

Mr. Davis is a British trader, having routinely been among the most profitable and successful – he was ranked as the second best trader globally 2008 – 2013 according to the Barclay Currency Trading Index. He has also been at the forefront of a variety of FX-driven education, most recently opting to launch an introductory managed account program.

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His new program is the culmination of a partnership with an FCA regulated London investment firm, targeting investors with significant amount of capital. Mr. Davis is also offering industry standard managed accounts to people who wish to invest smaller amounts.

According to Mr. Davis in a recent statement on the program, “I’ve traded forex on behalf of high-net worth clients and financial institutions over the past few years, generating consistent and profitable returns in the process. These clients have had to make initial deposits worth at least $318,000 (£250,000) to be accepted onto these programs.”

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Jarratt Davis
Jarratt Davis

“Needless to say, this amount of money is unrealistic for people who wish to invest into a forex managed account for the first time. This is why I created a different kind of managed account program. It’s specifically designed for investors with smaller amounts of capital.”

Indeed, “Even though some people may doubt the potential returns, I strongly believe that people can make substantial long-term profits in forex, even if they are starting with a low capital. That’s why it made sense to make managed accounts more accessible. Prospective investors can sign-up with a minimum deposit of $45,728 (£30,000) with my introductory managed account program.”

In addition, Mr. Davis has also released a free four-hour video series designed specifically to streamline and improve the performance of introductory retail traders in FX. The series goes into detail about common mistakes most novice retail traders make that can potentially mitigate profits.

“The aim of my free video series is to give enthusiastic novice retail traders an extremely strong foundation in forex trading. Traders that struggle to generate consistent profits are usually making one of three mistakes. In this free video series, I reveal what these three mistakes are and help advise traders on how to immediately rectify them,” reiterated Mr. Davis.

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