Talking FX and Tyrion Lannister #Askfinmag

Our social media followers took to twitter to ask which character from the HBO series Game of Thrones was best

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Thanks Gil, this is probably the best question I have fielded all day. On one hand I would say Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne – he certainly brought a can-do attitude to the office as well as flexible thinking in all matters. However, without spoiling too much for viewers who have not seen last season, his head was brutally crushed by the Mountain, ending what would otherwise have potentially been a highly successful career in FX.

That being said, if I am to choose a character whose head was not plastered on the ground in Kings Landing, I would choose Tyrion Lannister. He’s an extraordinarily crafty individual, a shrewd negotiator, and he stands up to anyone, including his sister Cersei Lannister, who I think we can all agree is the nicest woman/most all-around good person in Westeros.

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Clearly, I would trust Tyrion to get the job done in any business setting, namely FX. Look no further than his squeaky clean credentials – he’s good with the ladies, he can defend himself with alacrity or his workplace against insurmountable odds, he is a survivor, can rally his fellow employees, and he knows when to abandon a lost cause. Most importantly he’s also currently unemployed and available for work.

(Best fit) Honorable Mention: Ramsay Bolton, an innovative thinker.

Conversely, the person I would LEAST like to run an FX brokerage would be Lord Petyr Baelish, aka Little Finger. There were a number of potential candidates I could have chosen here, however the reasoning behind this choice is ultimately simple. This man is an unmitigated menace. As I stop to ponder such a scenario, I find myself playing out the following outcome in my head. Within one month of ceding control of an FX brokerage to him, the company would most assuredly be bankrupt with all opposition mysteriously removed from their respective offices. Meanwhile, he would be living it up on a beach somewhere with some younger lady, let’s say for the sake of argument, that young actress (Sarah Hyland) from Modern Family that everyone likes.

(Worst fit) Honorable Mention: Joffrey Baratheon, ‘chokes’ under pressure.

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