Safecharge – Yuval Ziv – Managing Director

SafeCharge is a full-service payment processing provider, handling both credit cards and alternative payment methods

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Yuval Ziv, Managing Director, Safecharge

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A global payments service provider for online and mobile merchants.


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SafeCharge is a full-service payment processing provider, handling both credit cards and alternative payment methods for online and mobile businesses.

Offering a full set of payment technologies and complementary services, SafeCharge is proud of its growing portfolio of satisfied customers and is committed to delivering the highest standard in products and services.

SafeCharge simplifies onboarding process by providing diversified connectivity and integration options including direct gateway API, customizable payment page and a flexible in-app payment SDK. Further simplification is achieved by providing pre-integrated components tomerchants’specific platforms in the industries we serve.

Our services include not only the best payment processing technology but also proprietary online and offline risk management platforms that protect our merchants from losing money to fraudulent activity and obtain better approval ratio thanks to a predefined set of rules for traffic management.

Our platform has been Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant for years. Not only does this compliance secure online payment activity, but it also savesmerchants heavy costs when they use our gateway and payment page.


What specifically do you offer to the Forex Industry:

SafeCharge offers a comprehensive payment solution for Forex brokers for deposits and payouts increasing the deposit conversion and minimizing the risk of accepting fraudulent transactions.
The Forexpaymentsolution includes a secure, customizable payment page that enables both online and mobile payments and offloads the burden of PCI compliance from the broker to SafeCharge.

The SafeCharge PCI compliant credit card storage enables re-deposits in a click of a mouse or a tap of a smartphone as entire essential and sensitive customer datum is stored in the secure, PCI compliant SafeChargestorage.

The SafeCharge payment solution is pre-integrated toleading trading platforms (such as MetaQuotes) as well as to leading CRM systems to allow for simple and easy integration into the broker’s IT environment.

Our traffic management increases conversions and allows merchants to get more transactions accepted and approved.


Would you say you are a fresh newcomer to the FX industry or are you the experienced veteran?

With its aggregate Forex transaction volume in billions of US Dollars, SafeCharge has the experience and expertise to service every forex brokerage in every region.


Why should current graduates or people looking for a job in Forex consider working for your company?

SafeCharge is a growing company with endless opportunities for employees at all levels to develop a long and successful career. SafeCharge employs more than 150 staff worldwide and is proud of its employee satisfaction and its low turnover rate.


What are your present issues and challenges?

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As Safecharge keeps growing together with its merchants and portfolio, we are answering to the needs of international and global markets. In our field this means bringing on board as soon as possible the services that will satisfy our merchants’ needs.

Global reach of payment options, currencies, and strong bank connections is provided by Safecharge. Identifying need for additional payment tools, risk management expertise and doing it all very fast are our challenges and I am happy to say that SafeCharge is on top of delivering these services to the FX market.


Are you focusing on the local market or the global one?

SafeCharge is an international and global company, as our merchants are, and we keep on making sure that our services are in line with this reality.


Where do you see your company in a year or two’s time?

SafeCharge is constantly expanding its product offering with emphasis on additional acquirers and alternative payment partners in order to bring more opportunities and new markets to our brokers.

In addition, one of our top priorities is integration to additional leading Forex trading platforms for Direct Deposit options in order to increase deposit conversion.


What is branding to you and why is it important or not?

I strongly believe that the best branding is catering our clients the best service. This is what Safecharge is all about. On top of the professionalism of our experts, on top of everything- we are providing service which is second to none, this is our branding and I really stand behind this.


What are your predictions for the coming years of theForex industry as a whole?

The FX market will keep on growing, will keep on reaching new markets and will get more competitive towards end-user acquisition, including serving the user on a cross platform level.

From our service point of view, we will continueto support the FX market needs by adding further payment options to cover additional markets, keep on developing our risk management platform by adapting it to global challenges and of course continue to improve our mobile reach to make sure our clients can reach the end user onevery platform.


Are you using the social network channels to reach more exposure and transparency?

SafeCharge is a respected B2B company and maintains solid presence in social media channels. We welcome our followers and friends to join us and we’ll keep updating them on our major developments and latest achievements.


Tell me something personal about yourself, such as your favorite film, holiday,hobby or football team:

I am huge tennis and squash lover. I practice at least twice a week to maintain my skills 🙂



Thank you very much Yuval for your cooperation and for providing us an

interesting & detailed interview at the Forex Magnates Directory.

And good luck with the tennis and squash!

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