Tools4Brokers' Sergey Golman Reveals Upcoming Developments, FX Solutions

Sergey Golman gives his detailed look into some impending developments at the company along with its role in the FX

tools4Forex Magnates spoke with Sergey Golman, account manager at Tools4Brokers, for a detailed look into some impending developments at the company along with its role in the FX industry. His interview can be read in full below.

1. What sorts of clients does Tooks4Brokers typically cater to?

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Anyone who uses MT4 can be our client. These are big brokers like Pepperstone, prime brokers like Advanced Markets as well as local startup broker companies. Moreover, we have established close partnership relations with liquidity providers and WL providers. Not telling names, we have over a hundred regular customers.

2. What new projects or solutions does Tools4Brokers have in the works?

We pay a lot of attention to our copying and investment solutions, having three of them at the time. Now we are developing a solution, combining their features with maximum flexibility, and therefore although I would focus on our new cross-platform PAMM, which is planned to be issued in January.

We took the idea of multi-account management to a completely new level. Our PAMM includes integrated Web cabinets for investors, money managers and brokers. The investors are now capable to see the money managers’ statistics. The deposit of any investors can be split to several money managers, also keeping the opportunity of the investor to trade.

Our PAMM is a completely cross-platform solution, not binding brokers to a certain platform. The restrictions, like minimum order volume and limited number of digits are no more. The data is kept safely in a database out of the platform.

3. There are a lot of FX solutions and MT4 providers, what makes Tools4Brokers unique?

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Most of software providers are focused on very narrow segments of market, like bridge providing for example. Meanwhile, in Tools4Brokers we offer an extremely wide range of products from Bridge solutions to very specific small pieces of software.

We are also extremely flexible in terms of individual developments, ready to pick up technical tasks of any complexity from our clients. We provide 24/7 technical support, instantly reacting on any of our clients’ requests. I think, all of the factors, combined with 5-year experience on the market makes our company unique.

4. Can you explain the Bridge Aggregator component and has this been a challenge to meet the FIX protocol requirements?

Bridge Aggregator is, without doubt, the most complex and functional solution we ever developed. It offers a unique range of functions in terms of connection of multiple platforms to multiple LPs, including best price execution and dealing.

Probably, the most challenging part was to make it user-friendly, while keeping the width of functionality. FIX protocol details differ slightly from one LP to the other, and therefore we are constantly working to widen the range of Aggregator builds we have. Now it’s Lmax, GFT, PrimeXM, CNX, Ikon, FD, FXCM, BostonTech, SoftFx, Sucden, Integral and Saxo.

5. Tell me about custom developments, is there a large demand for these and is there anything interesting going on?

Indeed, the demand for 100% unique developments, as well as for customization of existing products is high as never before. Every customer has unique needs, and we are always happy to meet them, making unique products. We are always happy to make custom developments, because it’s always better for the client to have a tool made exclusively for him, meeting his needs in the best possible way. It’s nice to see that brokers tend to create more comfortable trading conditions using our solutions.

Bonus Manager is the most frequently customized product of ours, and we get numerous requests, therefore I can give you a short example: we got a request for a specific bonus solutions, including options to set up specific credit amounts given depending on the sum the trader deposits, also including various bonus cancellation options (e.g. cancellation for withdrawal), with group and account mask. We got this request about a week ago and the development is already complete.

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