Wordwide FX's Alex Galera Discusses FX Translation Industry Prospects

Alex Galera founded Wordwide FX in 2011 - he and his team developed the idea of creating a translation business

alexgalAlex Galera founded Wordwide FX in 2011. Mr. Galera and his team developed the idea of creating a translation business to cover the marketing and localization needs of the FX sector companies and, in short, help improve their communication strategy in such a dynamic sector. His full-length interview can be read below.

1. How did you come to the decision to start your own FX translation company? 

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Well, we have been interested in the markets for a while and when we searched for material in our language we realized that the quality was so low that we always ended up turning to English. And it was the same in other languages. So we thought that some companies in this specific field neglected an important part of what a good marketing strategy should be: good translation and localization. That is how Wordwide FX was created. In a nutshell, our goal is help improve our clients’ communication with their own clients.

2. Which companies are you targeting with your services?

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Our clients are mainly FX brokers, but we also deal with options, stocks, and other financial products. In short, anything related to the markets.

3. For brokers, what advantages does a translation company specializing in FX offer?

The first and most obvious advantage to a broker is precisely that we are specialized in the markets. Most agencies out there offer translations in many fields and, in our experience, this means that translators take up all kind of assignments in different sectors, either medical, computer games, you name it. We use only translators who work almost exclusively within the finance domain, and not only do they know their jobs (translation), but they also are as familiar with the markets, the main actors involved, global politics, etc., as analysts themselves. The same goes for the Wordwide FX team. That clearly singles us out from the other translation agencies.

4. What role do information websites or media outlets play in the FX industry?

Well, a website is the first contact of a company with their clients, so, evidently, they need to be able to grasp their attention. Companies invest a lot of money on their sites, especially on design. And the web content has to be clear and be able to reach the audience, in other words, to sell a product; there is no doubt about that! And FX portals – that is obviously a growing business. People want to hear from different analysts, they want to be able to put together opinions from experts from this and that country with different views regarding politics, economics, and market behavior. Information is one of the main businesses in today’s globalized world, and we play an important role in it.

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