Tradeview Ltd’s Manzur Numa Talks Social Marketing Strategies for Brokers

“Meet the Experts” reached out to Manzur Numa, Director of Business Development at Tradeview Ltd.

manzurnuma“Meet the Experts” reached out to Manzur Numa, Director of Business Development at Tradeview Ltd, to gather an exclusive glance into the world of social marketing and its impact on the Forex industry.

For both traders and brokers alike, social media and marketing techniques have become powerful tools in the procurement of accounts and the expansion of offerings and brand awareness. However, this has also led to the questioning into the perceived impact of these strategies themselves, casting light on the importance of social marketing in the industry today.

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1. Has social marketing become a necessity for Forex brokers in an increasingly competitive industry?

Forex is a cutthroat and competitive sector, especially in regards to the field of digital marketing. Often companies routinely make big investments in this area in the hopes of definitive results. In the past few years, social marketing has established itself as a key factor in the new era of strategic marketing. In part this is because clients over time are increasingly educated, and more focused in their desires for messages of publicity outwardly searching for companies with added value.

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2. Many brokers have invested resources into social marketing strategies or personnel, do you foresee this trend increasing or decreasing moving forward?

The tendency is to have more and more brokers in the social marketing, using more resources in this field each day and becoming experts in this field, because in the end the decisions will not depend on the brokers but will depend of the client, so you need to be where the clients are.

tradeview3. Will social marketing ever supplant conventional marketing strategies?

Well, traditional marketing has never been about just one strategy, nor will it remain a single entity – social marketing will be more important looking ahead, but I don’t think relying solely on this construct or traditional marketing techniques will be enough as companies need to implement dynamic strategies.


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