ACM Gold – Director – Dr. Andre Naude

ACM Gold is a Forex broker who gives our customers the assurance of a reputable broker by rendering them localised

Forex Magnates Directory Interview with ACM Gold

Chief Operating officer – Dr. Andre Naude Ph.D

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State your Company, name and position please:

ACM Gold and Forex Trading (Pty) Ltd.

Dr. Andre Naude Ph.D

Chief Operating Officer- Director

Describe your company with three words:

Integrity, innovation, customer-orientated

Describe your company with greater detail:

ACM Gold is a Forex broker who gives our customers the assurance of a reputable broker by rendering them localised services. We are represented in 11 countries worldwide where customers can come in and meet the team. We do not just offer a web-based trading platform, but one where customers can come in for seminars and get to meet their brokers. We are the only broker who accepts local deposits anywhere globally.

What specifically do you offer to the Forex Industry:

We offer proof that there is a unique way on conducting business in the Forex industry. By starting to localise branches, and not merely relying on IB’s who offer a set standard.

What specifically do you offer the retail traders?

We offer localised services, seminars around the world in various cities, access to training products, and an option to do local deposits anywhere in the world.

Why should retail traders choose you instead of others?

Mostly because we are the Forex broker of choice and do offer local representation. All other Forex brokers are internet based and do nothave an office where people walk into. We are locally registered in countries as diverse as Madagascar. We offer access to smaller forex trades, making it possible for more individuals to trade.

Would you say you are a fresh newcomer to the FX industry or are you the experienced veterans?

As a regional localised broker we are veterans. As a so called global broker that invests in ppc and cpm and only knows the exchange rate of US$ and is unaware of what regionalised offices, or for that matter Malagasies and shillings mean, we are perhaps happy to be called a newcomer.

Why should current graduates or people looking for a job in Forex consider working for your company?

They would not only be exposed to an innovative Forex broker, but will gain experience in diverse cultures, reigning from geographical outlying areas such as Nairobi, to doing Forex seminars in Mpumalanga in South Africa.

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What are your present issues and challenges?

To explain complicated products like CFD’s and derivatives to financial services authorities in developing countries that has not been exposed to the said products.

As this is a well known cut throat industry, what means do you use to survive and to excel in such a competitive environment?

In a day and age where technology is taking over our lives and relationships, the power of human touch has increased tremendously. We are able to capitalise on that power very successfully, when we say we are there; and we not referring to a 8am to 5pm sales seminar at a 5 star hotel, we mean we are physically there and can be spoken to 24 hours a day 5 days a week in your city.

Are you focusing on the local market or the global one?

We are focusing on the local markets but by opening branch offices around the world. We currently have independent branch offices in 11 countries.

Where do you see your company in a year or two’s time?

Our focus is shifting towards Africa. Fortunately we have been recognised by a few industry veterans as the best broker in Africa. In two years’ time we want to be recognised by every industry veteran as the best broker in Africa.

What is branding to you and why is it important or not?

A good brand name procedes one in the marketplace, generates goodwill and recommendations.

What is you predictions for the coming years of the Forex industry as a whole?

Regulations will increase. More small brokers will close down or consolidate. Countries which cannot regulate Forex would have independent futures exchanges taking liquidity from major players in the market as well as more mature exchanges.

What do you think the Forex industry as a whole can/should improve?

Forex doesn’t have a very good name in most countries and doesn’t classify itself as a structured trading product. Brokers should collectively take on the responsibility of getting a better name out there for Forex. E.g. 90% of the retailers invested in the stock market lose money.

Do you think you as a company and the industry is transparent enough?

The industry is perhaps transparent for trading, but when comparing broker for broker, most magazines tend to be bias, especially towards people who publish with them, in terms of monthly volume disclosers as well as active disclosure discounts.

Are you using the social network channels to reach more exposure and transparency?

Yes, besides redoing our website to be customer orientated, we use most social network channels to communicate with not only the general public but our customers as well.

Do you read Forex Magnates Quarterly report?

Yes, religiously

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