Dorian Nakamoto Talks About Bitcoin, Life in AMA

Dorian became an object of sympathy and an instant celebrity with the Bitcoin community, which lashed out against Newsweek for

Dorian Nakamoto, the Bitcoin world’s unlikely celebrity, has shared more experiences on the Satoshi Nakamoto fiasco and life in general.

Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto (DSPNakamoto on reddit), was simply Satoshi Nakamoto at birth- the same name as Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator. This led Newsweek journalist Leah McGrath-Goodman to Dorian’s doorstep. Their conversation led her to believe that she had discovered Bitcoin’s creator.

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Her March 2014 report initially generated much buzz and stimulated debate. It also angered many Bitcoiners, as well as Dorian, because of its supposed breach of privacy. Dorian later categorically denied the journalist’s claims, saying that there had been a miscommunication. The account seemingly belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto awoke from its slumber on P2P Foundation, its owner saying that he is not Dorian. Subsequent interviews and collective observations over the past 19 months indicate that it is highly unlikely that Dorian is Satoshi.

During the controversy, McGrath-Goodman backed off slightly from her original claims and framed the report as a means to trigger further research and debate. Newsweek said that it “stands strongly behind Ms. Goodman and her article”, a claim which it still maintains as of the time of this writing.

“Protect Bitcoin from the few…The funding for the Bitcoin development must be traced continuously and be protected from intrusions by the few.”

Dorian, then a 64-year old engineer who had trouble finding work, said the episode took a toll on his health and family. He became an object of sympathy and an instant celebrity within the Bitcoin community, which lashed out strongly against Newsweek for its claims.

In the recent AMA (ask me anything) on reddit, he received many complements from commenters. The community had raised money for him following the episode. He has in turn shown his appreciation of the community and Bitcoin.

One of the clues that led McGrath-Goodman to her conclusion was Dorian’s apparently libertarian, not-so-pro-government leanings. He opened up more about this on the AMA, lamenting how a few hundred politicians in the US can apparently call the shots for 320 million people.

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He expanded upon the apparent miscommunication and McGrath-Goodman’s unexpected visit to his home. He claimed that she had been hanging around his home for a lengthy period and was stalking him:

“So I called the sheriff. She then re-appeared with her car (which she parked away from my site when she knocked on my door) while I was talking to the two officers on my driveway. I’ve told the two officers that I did not want to talk to the reporter. But the 2nd sheriff after talking to Leah came back to me (he went to talk to Leah in her car out on the street) and advised me to talk to her else she won’t go away. That sheriff supposed to be on my side. I was not like a celebrity who would be badgered like this daily and I gave in.”

He answered miscellaneous commenter questions about his life, including his hobby with toy trains. He indicated that he enjoys biking and feels that there are too many cars on the road.

He said that he is still holding on to the bitcoins donated to him (they have lost roughly two-thirds of their value).

In keeping with his views on governance, he disapproves of the notion of a board of directors for Bitcoin (e.g. Bitcoin Foundation):

“Protect Bitcoin from the few. The banks can buy up all of the exchanges for instance. The funding for the Bitcoin development must be traced continuously and be protected from intrusions by the few. Always trace the $$. Where to where, when to when, and mostly to whom to whom.”

Asked what Nakamoto actually means, he replied “inside the origin or inside a book” in Kanhji.

There was also much discussion about food. He said that the lunch he received (and demanded) from Associated Press for his interview was “the best take out sushi ever. Lots of expensive varieties.”

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