Crypto on TV: BLOCKTV to Launch a Utility Token

All the tokens will be listed on Bittrex Global on November 21.

BLOCKTV, a Tel Aviv-based technology news broadcaster, has announced the distribution of its native utility token later this month.

Dubbed BLTV token, the token will allow the viewers of the broadcaster to unlock exclusive features using the token – from the payment for running ads on the platform to buying tickets to BLOCKTV events.

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The company is also taking a different approach to distributing its tokens. Rather than conducting an initial coin offering (ICO) or initial exchange offering (IEO), BLOCKTV will list all its tokens on Bittrex Global on November 21.

“Though the model resembles an IEO, we are not conducting a private-sale. All the tokens will be sold at the same time and for the same price,” the broadcaster noted.

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Engaging the audience with rewards

In addition to the listed tokens, the viewers of the channel can also earn tokens by watching ads. However, the tokens generated like this will go to complete lock-up for a year.

“Token holders will have the ability to view exclusive content that is not available on the regular broadcast streams. By paying with the BLTV token, consumers will be granted access to special reports, one-on-one interviews with industry leaders, expert commentary and analysis, high profile debates, key market insights and predictions, as well as exclusive behind the scenes footage,” the whitepaper added.

Launched at the beginning of this year, the stories of BLOCKTV focuses on emerging technology sectors, including blockchain, augmented reality, internet of things, and autonomous cars. Per the company, it has an 11 million viewership base and 35 million views of its 1,200 hours of original content.

Currently based in Tel Aviv, the company also has big expansion ambitions around the world. According to its whitepaper, the broadcaster is aiming to launch a new studio in New York City in the first quarter of next year, while it also has plans to launch studios in the Asian market later that year.

In addition to its expansion, the company is planning for a BLOCKTV summit in Q4 2020.

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