Want to See Evidence that Craig Wright is Satoshi? “F**k Off!”

Craig Wright says he doesn't give a s**t if experts don't believe he invented Bitcoin. Video of bizarre interview included.

The famous astrophysicist Carl Sagan used to say that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” And in the realm of cryptocurrencies one can make no claim more extraordinary than being the inventor of Bitcoin. Despite this, Craig Wright thinks that he can maintain the persona of Satoshi Nakamoto without providing sufficient evidence as demanded by the blockchain community and experts.

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The Australian businessman recently sat down with GQ Magazine for what he thought would be another easy interview but was confronted by tough inquiries by Dr Nicolas Courtois, a lecturer in cryptology at University College London which they brought to verify his claims. Wright responded by verbally attacking the man who dared to question him and went on a profanity laced tirade about how he doesn’t care if people want evidence from him.

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Back in May, just a couple of days after coming out to the world as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright tried to disappear off the radar by deleting his blog and saying that he intends to no longer appear in public ever again.

The reason for the move was allegedly his inability to handle the scrutiny that comes with claiming to be one of the most important inventors in the history of modern financial technology.

After greatly damaging the reputations of Gavin Andresen and Jon Matonis who vouched for him, he only offered them his apology instead of simply providing the proof that he is who he claims to be and that they were not duped along with the BBC, the Economist and GQ.

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