Bitcoin Community Refuses to Accept Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto

Despite the seal of approval from Gavin Andresen and Jon Matonis, some are demanding more irrefutable proof.

Yesterday it seemed as if the greatest mystery in the cryptocurrency world had finally came to an end as Craig Steven Wright came out as Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. With the seal of approval from Gavin Andresen and Jon Matonis it seemed as if the matter was unquestionably resolved – but despite this, members of the community refuse to accept that Wright is Satoshi.

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One reason for this might be psychological; after years of mythologizing Satoshi, people might not be willing to accept that he is not a rogue NSA agent, Motoko Kusanagi or Elon Musk’s secret evil twin brother, but just a boring guy from Australia.

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On the other hand, Wright does have a history of deceit (for example he claims to have a PhD in theology from a university that denied this), and so far he has not done the one simple action that could prove without a doubt that he is the real Satoshi – signing a message with the PGP key linked to him.

Noted security researcher Dan Kaminsky wrote: “Yes, this is a scam. Not maybe. Not possibly…I think Gavin et al are victims of another scam, and Wright’s done classic misdirection by generating different scams for different audiences.”

Anyway, the issue seems to not really matter for the development of the cryptocurrency. Being publicly accepted as Satoshi does not give you any control of the code or any other special say. The price of bitcoin continued to fluctuate at the range around $445 as if nothing had happened.


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Meanwhile, Reddit, (where skepticism about Wright first arose) responded as Reddit always responds – by making memes:

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