GMO Click’s Binary Traders See No Change in Losses During January

The number of binary options traders in January experiencing losses was virtually unchanged from month prior.

GMO Click Securities, one of the largest brokers in Japan, has released its binary options statistics for the month ending January 2017, which saw a stagnation in its traders’ financial losses in terms of their binary options activity on a monthly basis, according to a GMO Click filing.

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GMO Click has disclosed its transaction proportion of loss occurrence during January 2017, aggregating the number of accounts whose total monthly income has settled into negative territory. In particular, the most recent figures at GMO Click showed that 78.57 percent of binary options accounts lost money during the month, which was a minor fall relative to the month prior.

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January 2017’s lower levels indicated that more trading accounts suffered monthly losses than in December 2016, which had reported a figure of 77.98 percent, corresponding to a marginal rise of less than 1.0 percent month-over-month.

The tepid rise also snapped a monthly consecutive decrease in this figure, which had fallen to the lowest level since August 2016. In terms of volatility, January 2017 also saw an uptick in volatility, given a return to normalized trading conditions after a seasonal slowdown – the markets grappled with the first month of Donald Trump’s administration in the US, which has sparked a number of moves.

In addition to this figure, GMO Click’s Ladder Options, a legal type of option available for trading in Japan, reported its total transaction amount as a percentage of the total client payment amount reaching 96.12 percent in January 2017, virtually unchanged month-over-month from 96.51 percent in December 2016.

GMO Click also recently reported its FX metrics across its Click 365 and FX Neo segments last week – during January 2017, GMO Click’s FX average daily trading volumes came in at ¥88.12 trillion ($778.8 billion), down 4.0 percent month-over-month from ¥91.82 trillion ($81.15 billion) in December 2016. The latest reading is the lowest since October 2016, which had experienced multiple months of consecutive growth.

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