YOONIT: A Centralized Solution for FX Brokers (Part 1)

Brokers can connect multiple MT4 and MT5 servers and White Labels under one system interface.

PLUGIT has been on the frontlines of the Fintech industry for nearly a decade, providing FX brokerages worldwide with tailored solutions and services, including custom developments, integration services, and currently the main offering and a flagship product YOONIT – a modular system fit to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of retail FX brokers and optimize their operations.

The centralised modular trading support system YOONIT was developed to help brokerage firms reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, and boost profitability.

Built on the latest technology, the system ensures utmost uptime, secure infrastructure, continuity, dedicated resource allocation, and a quick market access. It has the added flexibility that allows brokers to customize YOONIT according to their own unique needs.

Highly customizable trading support platform

YOONIT provides a comprehensive range of business and trading tools to brokerages of all sizes, with a selection of modules working independently or in a combination for an optimal experience.

Brokers can connect multiple MT4 and MT5 servers and White Labels under one system interface, access different tools and have the ability to manage all elements that make up their business from one place instantly.

Due to its modular nature and technological edge, the development capabilities are limitless, meaning that the system can be upgraded with new modules, features, and solutions continuously without service interruption.

The latest version of the platform provides brokers with five most wanted solutions (modules), which are:

  • MAM/PAMM & Trade copy
  • Dynamic Margin
  • IB/Affiliate
  • Bonus Automation
  • CRM

YOONIT system is fully customizable and can be branded with the broker’s logo, portal links, theme colours, table display and more. Brokers also have full access and control to create roles with permissions and access levels for their employees and customers.

The system’s multi-lingual dashboard features five of the most widely used languages and the ability to swiftly add more languages on request, essentially suiting a global client base.

Centralize your operations with YOONIT

Centralized nature of the YOONIT system offers many benefits to Forex brokerages, optimizing their operations, and allowing them to react much faster at critical situations.

Having access to all necessary tools within the same system interface means different departments can collaborate with simplicity and significantly improve their workflows.


On the other hand, having to use tools from different providers, eventually leads brokers to face issues such as compatibility constraints, duplication of work, and missing links or bad coordination between the departments.

Which in turn leads to an unnecessary economic burden for brokers, something that can be avoided with YOONIT.

One centralized solution has a great potential to maximize profits and minimize the risk of a loss during time-sensitive occasions.

Intuitive by design

YOONIT was designed to give its’ users an optimal user experience. The interface is comprehensive and easy to navigate through, for anyone to be able to start with minimal learning time, in contrast to other systems which are more often overly complicated with a stiff learning curve, requiring a professional to operate.

YOONIT helps brokers remove operational bottlenecks, enter the market much faster and start generating profits instantly.

The platform is backed by some of the latest and most advanced technology developments, having the unlimited potential to add additional features, and with plans of releasing more modules in the coming future.

This makes YOONIT capable of keeping up with and adapting to brokers’ growing and changing needs.

Connectivity and data access

One significant advantage of using YOONIT is its’ flexibility. Through a single API, YOONIT can connect to different trading platforms, which will then be accessible through a single web interface.

Regardless of the modules that brokers choose, they will acquire access to the dedicated web terminals (portals). From a single URL users, depending on their roles and permissions, can access different portals:

  • Admin portal: for compliance, sales, risk, dealing desk and other teams from the broker’s side.
  • Client portal: available for the broker’s clients, such as IB’s, Money Managers, Signal Providers, and finally by the Traders and Investors.

Accessing the data and acting fast about it is critical in the financial trading industry, leading to a greater chance of making a profit and safeguarding brokers in times of volatility and unexpected market moves.

YOONIT gives the most convenience and flexibility to brokers and their clients, allowing them to access the data and making changes on the fly.

Feature-rich and cost effective

YOONIT is a product of years of careful research and collective feedback from dozens of brokers worldwide.

When choosing a system, one of the most crucial aspects brokers consider are features versus cost. The major complaint is that cheap solutions cannot meet their needs, while the desired solutions always come with a financial burden.

YOONIT solves that problem. It offers brokers the most demanding features with maximum stability, functionality, and reliability. All while keeping the cost at a more desirable level.

In the next article we will inspect the five YOONIT modules and their benefits.

If you’re after a powerful and feature-rich solution that caters to the different departments of your brokerage, get in touch with PLUGIT to explore your options or request a demonstration of YOONIT.

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