Will BTCC Index Become an Industry Standard?

China’s first crypto exchange BTCC launches its indices, aiming to offer an industry standard.

As China’s inaugural cryptocurrency exchange, BTCC continues to solidify itself as a market leader.

With access to top-end market liquidity and some of the industry’s more innovative contracts, BTCC looks to expand its position and scope in the second half of 2019. 

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The BTCC index is truly one-of-a-kind and includes weighted quotation of the spot index Price of Kraken, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Okex, Binance, Huobi, BW, as well as the price provided by BTCC’s liquidity providers. What this allows for is the avoidance of market manipulation of one or two exchanges.

Unlike other crypto exchanges’ indices are only use for display and basic referencing, BTCC index price is exactly the real price that you can make contract’s physical delivery.

Users can initiate physical delivery of BTC or ETH at the price when opening a position, reflecting the transparency of the BTCC index. The price is real, preventing any arbitrage or abuse.

There are two types of trading mechanism available on crypto market, one is users’ order matching, such as OKEx and Huobi; the other is to trade the index, like BTCC.

Market makers by major liquid providers can ensure liquidity for BTCC, as well as transaction speed, and large orders may be completed sooner.

At BTCC you are trading the index and can undertake contract orders up a value of 5000 BTC at the best transaction price. This also ensures that transaction prices are always stable and checkable as well.

In times of large volatility or market fluctuations however, traders often stop their robots in major crypto exchanges, which utilize order matching trading mechanisms.

This results in market depth and width decreasing significantly. At BTCC, the trading mechanism guarantees the market is the most liquid, and users can close their position at the best price even in extreme market conditions.

The measures taken by BTCC as well as its newly launched deliverable perpetual contracts have made the exchange a notable player to watch heading into year-end.

What separates BTCC from the competition

Most brokers rely on a full account clawback system. What this means is that when a users’ balance can’t cover his or her losses, their profit will be negative. However, most crypto exchanges will let all users’ profits be diluted by shared losses.

For its part, BTCC takes negative balance protection quite seriously, resulting in the implementation of an insurance fund. BTCC will cover users’ negative balance rather than let all profiting users share the losses.

Presently, BTCC affords around 200,000 USDT each month.

BTCC is certainly an exchange to watch as it continually carves out a growing market share. The group’s commitment to clients has not gone unnoticed, leading to an even greater demand on the exchange.

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