Traders Embrace the 2020 Trading Cup in Record Numbers

The Trading Cup contest is the only one of its kind, with a UFC style 1-hour Grand Final.

The 2020 Trading Cup, an international trading tournament which is currently in its second stage of competition, has registered a record number of entrants joining the contest, making this year’s contest the most popular since it began in 2018.

With 6 stages that run for a month each, the Trading Cup contest is the only one of its kind in the world, with a UFC style 1-hour Grand Final taking place to crown the best performing trader.

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Attracting traders from all walks of life and from all over the world, the competition sees a variety of different trading strategies and tactics being used by contestants to out-trade each other.

When asked about which trading strategies are producing the winning results for the traders on top of the Leaderboard, Ashley Jessen, Head of Marketing at ACY Securities said that there is no one style of trading that stands out as the absolute best.

“We can categorically say that over the 3 years we have run this competition, there is no one style of trading that stands out as the absolute best.  In Stage 1 this year, the top trader made over 782% after placing 1,037 trades. Yet in Stage 2 so far, the top trader has held one core position on Gold for the entire month.  Two very different trading styles, yet both victorious” said Mr Jessen in a written statement today.

Christian Dove, Director at Synergy Markets, which is a major sponsor of the competition, said that the competition was designed to provide a competitive platform for traders and whether they join to win or join to learn about themselves as traders, it was likely to be an experience they will always remember.

“The Trading Cup contest is designed to provide traders a global stage to showcase their trading ability and battle each other in a competitive environment for a share in the US $150,000 prize pool.

That’s why the contest is sometimes referred to as the UFC of trading” said Mr Dove in an interview this morning.

“But whether you are joining the contest to be crowned champion or you are joining to test how your trading style and mindset stack up against other traders, it is likely to be a unique and unforgettable experience – maybe even an experience of a lifetime if you make the grand final” Mr Dove continued to say.

Last year’s Grand Final was broadcast live around the world from the Studio City e-Sports arena in Macau.  The 2020 Grand Final is slated to take place in either Singapore, London or Dubai, with the final decision expected to be announced after Stage 4.

To see how the top 10 traders of the 2020 Trading Cup are performing in Stage 2 (the Leaderboard is updated every hour), or to enter Stage 3 of the competition, visit the tournament’s official website

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