TOP 10 Trading Instruments in 2019 and Their Prospects for 2020

We take a closer look at the most popular currency pairs and try to predict their movements in 2020.

In 2019, traders around the world racked their brain trying to make a proper choice in terms of a suitable trading instrument, a currency pair, that would bring them the high profit within not only the trading strategy but also their goal.

The most popular trading currency pairs have strengthened their positions, gaining even more favor with speculators.

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The pound sterling in pair with any currency was ,without doubt, the most volatile asset, while the Swiss franc remained the “king” of the carry trade.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the most popular currency pairs in 2019 and try to predict their movements in 2020.


This is the most popular currency pair not only in 2019 but in recent years as well. Besides, both assets of the pair have a high level of trading volume and net liquidity.

n 2019, this pair had a low risk of volatility and was mainly supported by positive intraday values and foreseeable response to fundamental factors (news, statistics, changes in rates, as well as economic and political backgrounds).

Please note that with low spreads offered by InstaForex, you can obtain profit using even the short-term strategies on the euro/dollar pair.


The pound/dollar pair is also among the most traded currency pairs in the FX. On the other hand, this is also the most volatile pair among the majors.

There is a reason for it. For the third year, the pound sterling has remained extremely vulnerable to political and economic news, more than other currencies.

On average, the pair’s quotes change by 100 pips per day. Such swings in the pair’s movements are mostly due to the painful Brexit saga. Every day traders around the world follow the news about the possible UK withdrawal from the EU.

As a rule, the information is rather controversial that triggers the high volatility of all FX pairs, including the pound sterling and the US dollar.

This pair is an ideal asset for aggressive traders who want tougher trading on the terminal chart.

Additionally, in comparison with the single currency, the pound sterling is more vulnerable to any change in the greenback’s dynamics enabling a trader to obtain additional gains on the same movement.


This pair can be named the king of flat and carry trade. If you prefer flat trading but the USD/CHF is not your trading instrument, it is quite doubtful that you ever used this type of trading.

In terms of this pair, a shift in a trend occurs very rarely and usually does not last more than two weeks. In most cases, any changes in the pair are caused by the US dollar’s dynamics.

The pair may become quite a profitable instrument, especially if you trade on breaks or use stochastics and oscillators.

As for its prospects in a new year, judging by the Swiss franc’s overall trend, it is unlikely that anything may change. Low volatility, dependence on the US dollar and the carry trade will be the main features of the pair in 2020.


This pair is traditionally considered the most unpredictable tool for trading. Yet, it is a very profitable currency pair to work with, especially for experienced traders.

The yen is regularly supported by the Japanese government’s intervention. The pair will be a perfect choice for experts in fundamental analysis.

However, USD/JPY did not live up to the expectations in 2019 as the monetary policy of Japan was quite conservative. So, the pair did not show any rapid growth this time.

Experts predict that in 2020 it will not show any increased activity, as well as the Bank of Japan whose actions serve as a driver for the yen. Notably, in 2020 this currency pair can be used as the backup tool in the carry trade.


A close relationship between the US and Canada determines the key feature of this trading tool. That is why the pair can display nice trend patterns when significant fundamental factors in both countries step in.

When trading the pair, the time zone factor should be taken into consideration as active trade and high volatility are observed only during the American session.

The pair remained steady in 2019. However, in the second half of 2020, before the presidential election in the US, USD/CAD may show strong volatility and surprising moves.


The Australian dollar is the sixth most commonly traded currency in the world. The trading instrument belongs to trending pairs.

However, when talking about long-term trends, the pair has been trading relatively flat since 2015. This was the reason why USD/CAD  was called the least volatile currency pair in 2019.

The pair’s swaps can be rather high when holding positions for long, so traders should think twice before opening short deals for the long term.


This trading tool correlates well with the previous pair and is similar to it in terms of analysis. The pair depends strongly on the metal quotes and political events.

The kiwi is widely regarded as one of the most trending currencies in the world. The quotes movements happen much more frequently than the periods of accumulation.

It is hard to predict the price behaviour of this pair is 2020. The short-term trends serve as its main drivers.


It is the most popular cross pair in the world. It always moves in a peculiar manner. As a rule, the pair has two clear periods, including flat movement with obvious support and resistance levels as well as sharp rises and falls.

Other types of movement can be rarely seen. Traders can open breakout and rebound orders on the currency pair with approximately the same likelihood of implementation.

In 2020, the pair is forecast to be driven by news about Brexit like other pound pairs.


This is another pair that consists of currencies from countries with close economic ties. This trading instrument has the same peculiarities as the USD/CAD pair, including factors that influence the pair, the way of movement, and necessity to choose a particular trading session.

Besides, Switzerland’s low key interest rate allows traders to apply a carry trade strategy rather profitably.

Analysts suppose that in the following year, the quote will not have significant changes like all pairs with the Swiss franc.


In 2019, the AUD/NZD pair was the most stable and predictable trading instrument. The main reason for this is that both currencies in the pair are influenced by the same factors.

Nevertheless, the pair can move by 100 standard pips a day. Its main disadvantage is a big spread. However, InstaForex offers its clients the most favorable trading conditions.

To sum up it is worth noting that a right choice of a currency pair is equally and sometimes even more important than a good trading strategy.

Trading instrument is not just a combination of two currencies. It determines volume of trading, volatility, daily price range as well as spreads and trading conditions.

Trading with InstaForex, you can be sure that you will perform deals on the most convenient conditions and using market prices.

Analyze the mistakes you made in 2019, choose the right trading instrument in 2020 and luck will be on your side.

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