One-Fits-All Solution: A Look at Covesting’s Crypto Intelligence Portal

The Crypto Intelligence Portal has been just one of several successful initiatives for Covesting over the past six months

2018 continues to see the exploration of new crypto trading and asset management capabilities, with new technology and solutions keeping pace. This includes Covesting, which has made a series of new updates to its landmark Crypto Intelligence Portal.

Covesting’s Crypto Intelligence Portal is a unique educational and informational platform that is truly an all-in-one solution. The group launched the portal this February as a fully-fledged solution, catering to a wide range of market participants. The Crypto Intelligence Portal has been just one of several successful initiatives for Covesting over the past six months, having also completed a massive token sale back in Q4 2017.

The platform has already won recognition of the professional community, as it has attracted all sorts of crypto traders both advanced and novice. Through this initiative, Covesting has helped popularize cryptocurrencies, while also enabling improved education for these instruments. Finance Magnates had a chance to get a detailed look at Covesting’s Crypto Intelligence Portal to assess its features and capabilities.

An evolving portal

Despite being live for only a month, Covesting’s Crypto Intelligence Portal has a strong suite of tools at its disposal. The platform already includes a wide range of optionality and functions for market participants and crypto aficionados.

Overall, the portal does a good job of catering to all types of investors, both experienced crypto traders and newer individuals who are not yet acclimated to the market. The platform stresses education and features several important tools to help strengthen this area. This includes traditional trading tools such as latest news, live quotes, and daily reviews, which collectively allow traders to stay up-to-date with developments on volatile markets.

Covesting’s CEO, Dmitrij Pruglo, commented: “We are going to keep up with this pace. Crypto Intelligence Portal is a great addition to our infrastructure, we all know that information and education are of utmost importance for successful trading. We continue to improve the portal, its interface and contents.”


In its current form, the Covesting’s Crypto Intelligence Portal also includes comprehensive news coverage, trading ideas submitted by authoritative traders, expert-written articles, and its Trading Academy.  The section is unique in its scope, offering video lessons, tutorials, and other very useful educational materials, all free of charge.

In a short amount of time, the platform has managed to see its coverage swell to cover a large basket of cryptocurrencies, including market-leading insights. Despite its early success, Covesting is looking to roll out even more advances, signaling the launch of its most sophisticated project to date.

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