ATFX’s Craddock Featured on The Times Trading Strategies Supplement

As technology takes over, traders are continuing to place an emphasis on personal touch and customer service

Richard Craddock, CEO of the leading online trading platform, ATFX, was recently featured on the Trading Strategies Supplement of The Times. His presence highlighted the importance of excellence in customer service, which represents a key differentiating factor across a number of competing venues.

In particular, the latest Trading Strategies Supplement of The Times dedicated an article to Mr. Craddock, which stressed the merits of outstanding customer service, the advent of technology, and ATFX’s personal touch towards its clients. Indeed, ATFX has created a niche for itself with its unparalleled customer support.

According to the article on The Times, given the uptick of intense competition, the only way to spur growth and profits is by being customer-centric. This stance comes at time during which both investment products and brokerages are vying for market share in a cutthroat industry.

For its part, ATFX has always believed that the customer is king and the best way to succeed in the online trading domain is to personalize one’s services suite. This also includes a focus on giving customers the most satisfying experience.

We want to be the market leader in customer satisfaction

Consequently, the group has offered a state-of-the-art, mobile-compatible trading portal, with 24/5 localized support and trusted account management. With the number of industry players quickly growing, ATFX believes that its client-focus is what sets them apart from the rest in the financial market.

Richard Craddock, CEO, ATFX

“We want to be the market leader in customer satisfaction, and this is driven by experienced, long-term professionals who have a true knowledge and understanding of what our clients want,” explained Mr. Craddock to The Times. He also noted that a key aspect of ATFX’s customer service was the company’s commitment to providing clients with representatives who speak their mother tongue.

Personal touch

In addition, with the leaps that technology has taken in recent years, the way customers trade has also seen a broad series of changes. This has also in parallel driven up the expectations of customer service. Understanding this, ATFX realized that to be successful and to distinguish itself from the pack, it had to strike the precise balance between providing cutting edge technology solutions and offering a personal touch for customers.

This led the company to providing a secure and transparent trading platform, along with its tailored customer services. Furthermore, this thinking spurred ATFX to not only ensure the best online trading experience, but also build trust among its clientele.

It’s important not to forget the personal touch because that’s what builds long-lasting relationships

Explaining all this to The Times, Mr. Richard Craddock reiterated “Previously, the most successful sales guys were those who had the best rapport with their clients and that came from face-to-face and over-the-phone contact. That industry has disappeared now, but it’s important not to forget the personal touch because that’s what builds loyalty and long-lasting relationships.”

ATFX has gone a step further, taking the time to understand the trading style preferences of individual customers and tailoring its support to meet such specific needs. This is also why the company offers not only the most popular trading platform in MetaTrader 4 (MT4), but also its mobile-compatible version.

Finally, ATFX ensures that customers make informed trading decisions, understanding the instruments of their choice, the market and other aspects that are likely to influence the value of the underlying asset.

“Ensuring people know what they’re doing is crucial. You can’t give someone a product with no understanding of what it is, and I think the more education, discussion and transparency we can create, the better for the industry overall,” CEO Craddock added.

This is a press release provided by ATFX. Headquartered in London, UK, and regulated by the FCA, ATFX was established with the aim of providing a robust online trading platform for retail investors interested in trading in forex, CFDs and precious metals. To ensure the best experience for its clients, the company offers MT4, the most popular retail trading platform in the world, while connecting MT4 with the top liquidity providers with the latest bridging technologies. ATFX also offer mobile and web-based trading system for the convenience of its clientele, along with comprehensive account management capabilities and 24/5 localised customer support.

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