The DasCoin Blockchain Is Now Twice as Fast

DasCoin has already made significant advances via Graphene and its doubling in blockchain speed

DasCoin, which calls itself the “Currency of Trust,” just made a significant improvement in its already impressive blockchain speeds. The previous blocktime speed of six seconds for each block was already considered to be standard setting. Team members did not let that stop them, however.

They cut this time in half, doubling the speed of the DasCoin blockchain in the process. This was possible thanks to their use of Graphene technology and puts DasCoin among the world leaders in terms of blockchain speed.

How Graphene Technology Makes a Difference

According to DasCoin, the secret to its ability to double the blockchain speed comes down to its implementation of Graphene technology. This technology has a superior governance system that makes tuning of critical operational parameters possible in a length of time previously unheard of.

Most existing technologies that other blockchains rely on require upgrades to the software by every single participant and every server before the changes can execute and go live. By contrast, Graphene does not have this requirement, allowing for tuning of the parameters in just 30 minutes – which is almost real-time by industry standards. The maximum block size is just one example of the parameters that DasCoin developers can now efficiently tune. 

DasCoin’s Goals for the Future

The efforts to implement the Graphene technology were necessary thanks to DasCoin’s plans. A key component of DasCoin will be a future payment solution. When this solution launches, the ecosystem needs to be ready to handle a much higher volume. Additionally, the use of DasNet is growing and will likely continue to do so.

Between the planned future solution and growth of DasNet, DasCoin’s development team has speed and scalability as some of its key goals. The implementation of Graphene and the subsequent doubling in blockchain speed shows that DasCoin has already made significant advances in this respect and is well on track.

According to CEO Michael Mathias, DasCoin strives to position itself as the new digital economy’s “Currency of Trust.” With the increase in speed, DasCoin can take a leading role in the sector of blockchain-enabled payment solutions.

What Else Should You Know about DasCoin?

DasCoin is part of a digital asset system and serves as the blockchain-based currency sitting at the center of it all. As a whole, this asset system aims to get rid of the weaknesses of current currency systems while retaining the strengths. Overall, DasCoin is scalable, secure, balanced, efficient, and fast.

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