Staying Up to Date in Today’s Fast Moving Crypto Markets

If you are not an avid NewsBTC reader, then you risk being behind in this market

No market has been subjected to more volatility and swings in 2018 than cryptocurrencies, which makes the need for up-to-date information even more paramount. This includes NewsBTC, which has consistently been at the forefront of leading crypto news and markets information during the year.

If you are not an avid NewsBTC reader, then you risk being behind in this market. Indeed, Bitcoin and other altcoin prices can flip on a whim, leaving you on the wrong side of a trade – this is not where you or anyone else wants to be.

NewsBTC has strengthened their news coverage in 2018, helped in large part by a greater focus on markets, initial-coin-offerings (ICOs), and other token offerings. Their newly retooled portal represents one of the most comprehensive and leading cryptocurrency news sites available for users, which explains their success in 2018.

NewsBTC positioning itself for long-term success

After a hiring spree of editorial talent earlier this year, NewsBTC has more recently been active abroad, regularly appearing and being featured in leading cryptocurrency and industry conferences.

This includes London Summit 2018, having been one of the event’s leading sponsors. Looking ahead, NewsBTC is leveraging its strategic position as a leader in cryptocurrency news to focus more on breaking developments and market trends.

Finance Magnates recently spoke to NewsBTC’s CEO Samuel Rae, regarding how the company went about its aggressive hiring to become the group it is today.

“We have a system in place,” he said, “whereby if we are looking to hire a new writer, or perhaps put an advertisement on the website, we’ll make use of our contacts. We’ve been in the space for a long time, so we know who to ask to find writers, authors, and editors. If we’re looking for a new writer, we’ll advertise, they’ll come to us, we’ll go to them.”

“There’s no bias in terms of how old you are, [or] what your experience is,” Samuel said. “Obviously, we would prefer people to have experience in the space, but…You know as soon as you speak to somebody if they have a thorough understanding of the technology…. I think that’s true of any industry. It’s not just about crypto or blockchain.”

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