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Anyone who deals with financial markets thinks about ways how to streamline a trading routine sooner or later.

Nowadays, a modern speculator uses a vast toolkit of technical means that ensures hustle-free, smooth, and successful trading. This arsenal is expanding nonstop.

More and more efficient solutions from other fields are adjusted for needs of retail traders. Five or ten years ago, cutting-edge services were available just to large market players managing huge trade volumes.

At present, absolutely any trader is free to use any trading instrument, service, or option. On the flip side, traders overlook lots of useful tools in a chase for fat profits.

VPS hosting is one of such opportunities which simplifies a trading routine. Let’s figure out how exactly a trader benefits from this service.

Sooner or later, all traders encounter different troubles such as a blackout, disconnected Internet, broken hardware like a modem, monitor or PC. It does not matter where exactly you trade: from home, at an office or in a coworking environment.

A power supply and telecommunication line always coincide. In case of a power cut, all your hardware instantly crashes. Even if you work from a laptop or smartphone, a battery of your device will save you for a couple of hours at the most.

Be prepared

Can you imagine what massive losses could occur in this case? As an example, you were managing a deal on GBP/USD for a few weeks bearing in mind developments in the Brexit talks between the UK and Brussels.

On the day when the British Parliament was due to vote on the Brexit deal, your home was hit with an outage. The vote outcome was available on your smartphone with a delay. To make things worse, you found it uncomfortable to trade from a gadget.

Eventually, you lost the moment of profit taking and therefore money.

Streamlining your routine

We suggest a solution which is advanced, cost-cutting, and above all efficient, reliable, and flexible. This is a virtual private server (VPS) from InstaForex. Anyone who deals with financial markets professionally thinks about ways how to streamline a trading routine sooner or later.

VPS servers for traders aim to tackle this problem. Employing a virtual private server, you lease a part of hardware resources from your broker: part of its hard drive capacity, part of its processor power, part of its random access memory etc.

A VPS facility is located in a data center in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Access to it is provided through the Internet.

Protected Internet channels, convenience of the server use through the common switchboard, and unlimited traffic enable traders to focus entirely on their goals.

In addition, traders can employ a VPS to download a trading platform. It would be also a good idea to install an expert adviser through a remote virtual server. A trading robot will speculate instead of you, while you are busy with other things.

A window with a ready-to-use VPS is maximized in a couple of minutes. Besides, its configuration can be adjusted for current market needs in a few clicks.

VPS servers from InstaForex offer the following advantages:

  • The data center ensures uninterruptible power supply and operation of communication lines.
  • Utmost flexibility.
  • You gain access to a server from any PC, tablet, or smartphone from any spot in the world. Importantly, the service guarantees a steady traffic speed between a server and a trading platform.
  • A VPS as a virtual machine is created on the ground of the most advanced and powerful hardware running on groundbreaking versions of OS. Thus, a trader can be certain of high quality and safe connection.

So, with a subscription to a VPS, you are provided with a remote virtual machine at your disposal which runs 24 hours a day. Working with a VPS is not more difficult as with a home PC. In most cases, you deal with a familiar Windows desktop.

All routine trading operations are available to you with this virtual machine. You are free to disconnect a VPS, but all trading platforms launched by you and all apps will continue working.

Please, be aware that a subscription fee for InstaForex hosting service is a good bargain among retail brokers. Clients are invited to choose from three configurations of a VPS server with Windows operating system and installed MetaTrader software.

In the table below, you can find fees per 1 month of a VPS subscription.

VPS, Instaforex

You can place an order for any subscription tariff to your liking in the Client Cabinet. An amount of a subscription fee for VPS hosting is debited from a client’s deposit. If there are open deals on a trading account, only a free margin matters.

Your Client Cabinet displays the following data: duration of a server active period, an amount debited from a balance, and your order status.

Kindly note that you can extend a subscription to InstaForex VPS server at any time, but it can be no longer than 5 months in total. To prolong a hosting service, you should wait for its activation.

VPS, Instaforex

Caring about its clients, InstaForex expanded technical capabilities of its VPS hosting servers for all subscription rates. The server processors have been upgraded to built-in quad cores.

From now on, subscribing to VPS 256 and VPS 512 hosting services, you will receive a server with a dual-core processor at your disposal.

Besides, with subscription to VPS 1024 hosting service, you are provided with a powerful quad-core processor instead of a dual-core one.

To sum it up, one thing is certain that VPS hosting is a key to nonstop trading and a safeguard of ongoing deals from software glitches and system crashes.

In case you are one of InstaForex clients, you are sure to appreciate more beneficial conditions of leasing a VPS server compared to other forex brokers.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates. 

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