Stability or Volatility – Should You Invest in Stock or Crypto?

Despite its meteoric popularity, the crypto market is still unpredictable, unregulated, and its infancy

When it comes to financial investments today, contemporary investors are in a perpetual dilemma – whether to invest in stock or crypto. A lot of these financial investors are first time investors and they are unable to choose between crypto and stocks as their primary vehicle of investment.

However, there is also a large chunk of investors who already have investments in the stock market. Now, they are looking for new investment vehicles but highly apprehensive of crypto. Why? The sole reason here is the “volatile” nature of crypto market. Stock shows more of a “stable” market.

Crypto akin to stock before regulation

The contemporary crypto market is what the stock market was prior to its regulations. The stock market used to be extremely volatile in the past.

Investors either used to win tons of money or lose out in huge numbers, depending on the market conditions. And it was certainly unhealthy for the overall scene of financial investments.

Despite its meteoric popularity, the crypto market is still in its infancy. It’s unpredictable, unregulated and recent bearish market trends had posed serious losses for many investors.

The irregular market volatility of crypto is mostly because its value is based on its reputation. Thus, a sudden bad press can bring down an otherwise rising Cryptocurrency coin anytime.

Stock is more stable

Thanks to regulations, stock market is comparatively more stable now. Stocks are released by legit companies and are expected to return a certain amount of profit.

With stocks, you can always monitor the graph of the parent company to determine the progress or decline of stock value. This way, stock investors are able to take better informed decisions with selling or trading which also help them to prevent losses – before it’s too late.

Stock investors mostly hold on to their stocks in times of volatility. They know things would straighten out eventually and there is not much to panic. But you can’t have this kind of assurance with crypto since it’s extremely unpredictable.

How to make crypto stable?

Despite its immense volatility and unpredictability, crypto assures a highly rewarding advantage if the market is right. Since crypto market does not produce “regular” returns (unlike stocks) – some investors have actually seen inflated returns that went up to 1000%+.

In fact, many short-term ICOs have offered around 150% returns! Thus, if you are aspiring for strong ROI on your financial investment, crypto would be a great option. It’s just that it has to be more stable from what it is now.

According to leading crypto guru Sydney Ifergan, stability in crypto is only possible if it is paired with a stable asset like USDT.

“What people do not understand is that if a token can be paired with a stable coin like USDT, it will always be less volatile than a pairing with a crypto like BTC only”, noted Mr. Ifergan.

Mr. Ifergan is the founder of a futuristic crypto token called TCAT which is pledged to fight against fake news circulating in current crypto media scene.

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