SPECTRE.AI Continues to Grow in Q2 2018

SPECTRE.AI has continued to grow in the 2nd quarter despite increasing headwinds in the blockchain space

SPECTRE.AI has delivered another satisfactory quarter of growth in Q2 of 2018. It is the world’s first broker-less and fraud-free trading platform that uses unique smart contract technology built on the Ethereum blockchain for users to trade and bet directly against a decentralised pool of liquidity.

The growth continues SPECTRE.AI’s rise in the blockchain community as the go-to platform for traders on the one hand and investors on the other.

Importance of Roadmaps

A roadmap plots when a project’s objectives and targets can be reached, giving investors confidence. Roadmaps show visible and tangible results; evidence of a project being on track. SPECTRE.AI is one of the few still at or above their listing price and delivering growing rewards. SPECTRE.AI is doing this by hitting most of its roadmap items on or ahead of schedule.

“The firm has continued to grow in the 2nd quarter despite increasing headwinds in the blockchain space,” noted CEO Kay Khemani. “Spectre.ai is holding its own with considerable scaling planned for the coming year. Most ICOs that completed their token sales around our date, are down anywhere from 50% to 95%, so with our tokens being above their listing price, weekly rewards increasing on a net basis monthly, we remain firmly on our growth trajectory,”, added Athol Nourse, the group’s Business Development Director.

Q2 Results Figures 

  • Monthly active users by the end of Q2 were 1,099 (+50% quarter on quarter)
  • The liquidity pool increased to 5,326 ETH end of Q2 (up from 5,271 ETH end of Q1)
  • Volume traded since launch – $2,185,290 (+93% quarter on quarter)
  • 103 users have used SXUT tokens to upgrade, linking some 423,624 tokens

Spectre’s management team reiterates their earlier communicated full-year guidance. Namely, for fiscal year 1 (ended March 2019), the group expects a total of 3,000 traders (minimum) to be added to the trading platform with an approximate traded volume of $79.2 million.

Safe, fraud-free online trading

Instead of traditional Forex, CFD, options and speculative trading platforms, SPECTRE.AI offers a much safer, trust-less, broker-less trading platform. Users can take speculative trades on over 70 assets and see outcomes in as little as 10 seconds. Trades taken via the Wallet account occur in real-time across the Ethereum blockchain instantly making fraud impossible while also eliminating issues with withdrawals.

New users can try a free demo account completely risk-free. Spectre also represents an incredible leap forward in something known as decentralised autonomous liquidity pool (DALP), which essentially means that users can trade without the need for specific peer to peer matches. In other words, traders are trading against a decentralised balance sheet which is available 24/7.

Q2 has seen the addition of several improvements to the Spectre trading platform, including:

  • CASET – allowing for currency conversion between fiat and ETH with all major credit/debit cards & bank wire deposits now being accepted via Uphold (Spectre’s partner).
  • Introduction of micro-expiries (60/30/10 seconds) – Whilst 60-second trading has been popular in the online trading world for some time, SPECTRE.AI is the first and only online financial trading platform to offer 10 second options globally.

Coming soon in Q3/Q4:

  • Early Expiries – the ability to close a trade early, thereby de-risking it
  • Zero leverage Smart CFDs
  • Weekend Trading
  • Complete new user interface

Spectre is branching out to a new paradigm of trading platforms. Their closest competitors currently see annual trading volumes of approximately $4 billion, and Spectre is looking to bring a huge portion of this volume to its blockchain-based platform instead of traditional and outdated platforms.

SPECTRE.AI is a leader and frontrunner in establishing a new breed of trading platforms, one without shady transactions or dubious activity.

Regulatory Notice: Spectre.ai is strictly closed to U.S citizens. Trading involves high risk and you can lose all your money.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates

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