SimpleFX Launches Proprietary BETA Webtrader Platform

SimpleFX will implement new features that are added to the platform in order to enhance the overall user experience

SimpleFX the leading forex & cryptocurrency CFD trading platform has launched a newly redesigned BETA version of its web-based platform.

The company is introducing a new pure BETA version. enabling its clients to provide suggestions on what improvements can be made to the site as well as which new features can be introduced. To date, user feedback has been used successfully to create a unified trading platform for every trader possible.

The function will be simple to use through either a bug tool or by giving a short description via a notification popup. Ultimately, the goal is for SimpleFX to implement new features that are added to the platform in order to enhance the overall user experience.

New technical analysis tools

In addition to this, the BETA version sees the introduction of powerful technical analysis tools with fully adjustable designs for users to change as they please. The adjustable features include:

  • Bars, Area for the chart
  • Different trend lines, arrows, ray, channels, angle,
  • Shapes: rectangle, ellipse, triangle, curve, arc
  • Fibonacci tools, Gann, Pitchforks
  • Brush, patterns, ruler, price range, object tree.

Furthermore, the version sees a completely new design with a remodeled trading engine, which works far quicker than previously increasing the speed of not just loading times but pricing updates as well.

The shoutbox has also been simplified for convenience and narrowed down to 4 rooms in order to make the user experience the most enjoyable, which the adjustability of options in the graphs and charts being particularly important.

The website also boasts the introduction of “News” and “TV” sections in order to provide an even more effective way of analyzing market performances and stats. The two current versions of the webtrader will remain live until the end of August 2018, whereby the team will look to disable the old version and replace it with the newest one.

SimpleFX focusing on account management

In addition to this, the simplification of account management is another new and effective feature in this regard, being able to disable both statements and notifications at just the click of the button. You can even decide which charts to see and price levels for any of the currency pairs available on the trading platform.

It also offers the ability to be able to hide drawing tools on charts without cancelling the chart and giving the client the simplest access to their affiliate panels. The platform looks to add a personal touch by providing the ability to modify every aspect of the design to enhance the user experience to the highest levels.

Furthermore, the simple management tools can also provide you all the indicators you will need in a single management interface, allowing you to personalize what you can see and what will remain hidden. The personal webtrader can also be modified to enhance this experience.

Finally, there are new features for placing orders, which allow you to check all necessary data for optimizing risk management. You can quickly check order details, such as required margin, pips value etc. In addition to this, the limit orders were improved – from now on setting not only price levels but also an expiration date to improve your trades management.

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